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Top 3 Ice Cream Spots at Disney's BoardWalk | Ranked & Reviewed

Disney's BoardWalk has multiple unique locations to get ice cream and milkshakes - in fact it has more ice cream spots than some of the theme parks do!

We've ranked and reviewed the three best locations for ice cream at the BoardWalk, so you know where to head when you're craving some ice cream.

Questions We'll Answer About Disney's BoardWalk:

  • Where Are The Best Spots To Get Ice Cream At The BoardWalk?
BoardWalk Ice Cream Storefront

#3: The Fountain - Eats and Sweets

Ranking third on our list of the best locations to get ice cream at Disney's BoardWalk is The Fountain. 

The Fountain is located inside the Dolphin Hotel and is a pricey, but tasty place to get ice cream. 

The Fountain has over 15 different ice cream flavors as well as 3 flavors of soft serve and over a dozen toppings and sauces to add to your ice cream. 

The Fountain ice cream shop sign


We think the ice cream here is fairly basic for the high price you'll be paying ($8+ after tax), but the milkshakes are a very solid option to consider as well. 

What separates The Fountain from the other ice cream options at BoardWalk is the extent of your options to customize the ice cream. 

BoardWalk Ice Cream as well as Beaches and Cream don't have nearly as many toppings or sauces to smother your ice cream as The Fountain does. 

Walkway to Dolphin Hotel


The Fountain also has a variety of baked goods, burgers, salads and sandwiches if you're craving something a bit more on the savory side before (or after) you indulge in some ice cream. 

#2: BoardWalk Ice Cream

Coming in at second is BoardWalk Ice Cream located right next to the BoardWalk Deli, just a short walk away from the lobby of the BoardWalk Inn. 

BoardWalk has over a dozen different ice cream flavors and a variety of great sundaes. 

BoardWalk Ice Cream Menu


The ice cream served here is Edy's brand, so if you've ever had Edy's ice cream before you're going to know what to expect in terms of flavor. 

We think the ice cream at BoardWalk Ice Cream is slightly better than what's served at The Fountain and the sundae options at BoardWalk are much better than The Fountain. 

BoardWalk Ice Cream also gets bonus points for it's super fun and whimsical decor. 

Interior of BoardWalk Ice Cream


Once you walk in, you truly feel like you've arrived at a small, artisanal ice cream shop - it's especially fun and welcoming for children. 

We have to admit the surrounding environment does make the ice cream taste just a bit better (The Fountain feels very plain and somewhat boring). 

Pricing is also a bit more affordable than The Fountain at around $5 for a single scoop of ice cream, so another edge to BoardWalk Ice Cream here! 

While both BoardWalk Ice Cream and The Fountain have decent ice cream, we'd recommend BoardWalk every time. 

#1: Beaches and Cream

Landing at #1 on our best ice cream locations at Disney's BoardWalks is Beaches and Cream. 

Beaches and Cream is located in between the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts (you can access Beaches and Cream from both properties). 

Interior of Beaches and Cream Ice Cream Shop


Like BoardWalk Ice Cream, Beaches and Cream also serves Edy's ice cream, but their sundaes are even more over the top and fun. 

Beaches and Cream has more than 6 different sundaes including the massive Kitchen Sink which is enough ice cream for 4 people - maybe even more in our opinion! 

Classics aren't ignored here either with a good Banana Split on the menu and an old fashioned two scoop ice cream sundae. 

You'll also find some really fun milkshakes at Beaches and Cream including the Mickey Confetti Shake which has a Rainbow Confetti Cupcake slapped on top of the shake. 

Beaches and Cream Ice Cream To Go Window


Beaches and Cream is very popular, so we recommend making a reservation in advance or arriving early to put your name on the standby list. 

If no reservations are available or the standby list is at capacity then a to-go window with limited offerings from the Beaches and Cream menu is also an option! 



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