Ultimate EPCOT Fireworks Guide | Tips & Are They Worth Seeing?

Seeing the fireworks at EPCOT is a popular way to end your day at theme park, but there's a lot of planning and details to doublecheck in order to have the best experience possible.

Our EPCOT Fireworks Guide will detail everything you should know before a trip to EPCOT as well as our thoughts on if the EPCOT fireworks are actually worth watching!

Questions We'll Answer About Fireworks At EPCOT:

  • What Firework Show Is Currently At EPCOT?
  • What Days Can You See The Fireworks Show?
  • What Time Do The Fireworks Start?
  • How Long Is The Fireworks Show?
  • Where Is The Best Place To Watch The Fireworks at EPCOT?
  • Can You Watch The Fireworks Outside Of EPCOT?
  • Are The EPCOT Fireworks Worth Watching?

 Epcot Fireworks

What Firework Show Is Currently At EPCOT?

The currently active firework show at EPCOT is called Harmonious

The show debuted on October 1st of 2021 as part of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration and replaced the long running Reflections of Earth firework show. 

Harmonious is referred to as a "nighttime spectacular" and considered more than a fireworks show. The show is a combination of fireworks, lasers, waterworks and projects onto screens showcasing various Disney films throughout the years. 

EPCOT Fireworks Lagoon

While Harmonious debuted in late 2021, it's actually set to conclude at the end of March 2023 and will be replaced by a brand new fireworks spectacular.

Rumors currently indicate the new firework show will be a celebration of the Walt Disney Company's 100th anniversary. 

What Days Can You See The Fireworks Show?

EPCOT fireworks regularly occur every single day of the week.

The only time you may not be able to see fireworks at EPCOT is if very bad weather prevents the show from occurring or if there is a major maintenance issue.

Otherwise EPCOT fireworks are scheduled to take place 365 days a year!

What Time Do The Fireworks Start?

The fireworks typically begin at 9:00PM.

During the holidays and for special event like New Years Eve there may be multiple firework show performances at EPCOT in addition to the 9PM show. 

These additional performances only occur a handful of times each year with varying start times, so we recommend double-checking the start time of any bonus performances when you arrive at EPCOT. 

How Long Is The Fireworks Show?

Harmonious is approximately 20 minutes long from beginning to end. 

Where Is The Best Place To Watch The Fireworks at EPCOT?

The best place to watch the fireworks at EPCOT will depend on if you just want to see fireworks or the entire show (waterworks and projections). 

If you just want to see fireworks and not too interested in the waterworks then you'll have a great view from anywhere near the World Showcase Lagoon as seen in the picture below. 


Beyond the monorail seen above, away from World Showcase, will be a bit more challenging to see the fireworks. However, the areas around Mission Space and Test Track also provide good views and will be relatively empty come fireworks time. 

Just keep in mind that outside of these areas your view might be obstructed in someway, so small portions of the fireworks may not be seen. You also won't be able to hear any of the music from fireworks show if you aren't watching in the World Showcase area. 

If you're hoping to also view the water elements and projection images then you'll want to be as close to the water as possible. 

EPCOT Fireworks Barge

The viewing area to actually see the videos and images projected onto the water is actually quite small and hard to see if you aren't near the lagoon, so we recommend arriving early to get a spot along the water.  

For the best viewing angle you'll want to consider being right in the beginning of World Showcase (where there no countries) or in the countries of Canada and Mexico. 

Can You Watch The Fireworks Outside Of EPCOT?

One of the best places to see the fireworks outside of EPCOT is at Disney's BoardWalk

You can also partially see the fireworks from the EPCOT parking lot, but most of the show will be obstructed by Spaceship Earth unless you can make it over to one of the furthest corners of the parking lot. We really wouldn't recommend doing so though as it's not a great viewing experience. 

Boardwalk Sign

Outside of the BoardWalk and EPCOT parking lot, you can see EPCOT's fireworks from a handful of Disney resort hotels, but you'll need to be high up enough and facing the right direction to do so. 

You can see the fireworks from hotels like the Contemporary Resort, Swan & Dolphin, Coronado Springs and Riviera Resort, but definitely make sure you're on a very high floor and have windows facing the right direction.

The Walt Disney World mobile app or Google Maps is a great way to figure out what direction you'll need to face while at one of these hotels to see EPCOT's fireworks. 

Are The EPCOT Fireworks Worth Watching?

The EPCOT fireworks certainly aren't the best firework show on property (we'd rank Magic Kingdom's fireworks as #1) and isn't the best nighttime spectacular either. 

If you're only going to be able to see a few evening/firework shows while visiting Walt Disney World then we'd suggest prioritizing the fireworks at Magic Kingdom as well as Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios ahead of EPCOT fireworks. 

If you have time to do it all however, then the EPCOT fireworks are worth watching as it is a very unique show despite somewhat underwhelming effects and pyrotechnics.  

One thing to keep in mind though is that just before the fireworks many of the most popular rides like Soarin', Test Track and Ratatouille Adventure will likely see much lower wait times than usual. If you had to miss some of the biggest rides at EPCOT, then trying to jump on these attractions just before the fireworks begin can pay off immensely with low wait-times. 

While the fireworks aren't a must-see, they are worth watching if you're not going to make it to Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks there and have already experienced most other attractions at EPCOT. 

You won't go wrong seeing the fireworks at EPCOT, but there are definitely better ways to spend your time at the park, especially if you aren't a big fan of firework shows. 



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