What Time Are The Fireworks at EPCOT? | Start & End Time Explained!

Knowing what time the fireworks start at EPCOT is key to making a successful plan to doing it all while visiting! 

This guide details what fireworks are currently being offered at EPCOT along with information on the firework show's start time, duration and end time to help you plan accordingly.

Current EPCOT Fireworks Information:

What Fireworks Show Is Currently at EPCOT?

The current fireworks show at EPCOT is called "Harmonious".

Harmonious debuted at EPCOT on October 1st 2021 as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World replacing EPCOT Forever and Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.


Disney Harmonious Firework Show Logo


The show scenes and music of Harmonious are largely elements from Disney movies and TV shows with just a very few bits of content created specifically for the show. 

Harmonious also utilizes massive LED screens and projections onto waterfalls throughout the show to compliment the fireworks, lasers and pyrotechnic effects.

Harmonious Fireworks Setup at EPCOT

While Harmonious debuted just recently in 2021, there are already plans to replace the show with a new nighttime firework show in 2023.

What Time Are The Fireworks at EPCOT?

Barring any delays due to inclement weather or technical issues the fireworks at EPCOT begin at 9PM almost every single night of the year. 

Harmonious firework show LED screens

This is unlike at Magic Kingdom where fireworks can rotate between different times throughout the month or even in a single week!

Heavy rainstorms, lightning or high winds may sometimes cause the fireworks to be delayed or canceled at EPCOT, but this isn't a very common occurrence. 

Spaceship Earth Illuminated During EPCOT Fireworks

This is the same with technical issues - while they do happen on occasion it's extremely uncommon for the fireworks to be canceled because of a technical issues. A short delay is most common if anything. 

Around holidays or special events (such as New Year's Eve) the fireworks may start at a different time or have multiple performances. 

Often during the busiest times of the year Disney will bump the EPCOT fireworks to 9:30PM to acomodate a later EPCOT closing time. 

If you'll be attending EPCOT on a holiday or for a special event then we recommend double checking with Disney Cast Members or Guest Services to see what time the fireworks will start.

Most often though you can expect the fireworks to begin right at 9PM without any issues or delays! 


How Long Is The Fireworks Show?

Harmonious, the current EPCOT fireworks show, is about 20 minutes long from start to finish. 

On holidays such as Christmas and New Years there are sometimes additional scenes added to the fireworks show to celebrate this special time of year, but this varies from year-to-year.

If Disney is adding a few extra scenes to the fireworks show to celebrate the holidays then you can expect the show to last an extra 2-3 minutes longer at most.

What Time Does The Fireworks Show End?

The fireworks at EPCOT end around 9:20PM. 

At this point the rest of EPCOT is closed, so you'll likely be funneled towards the exit of the park.

While stores and some snack locations might still be open, all of the rides and attractions will be closed as well as the bigger restaurants after the fireworks conclude.



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