Can You Re-Enter Universal Studios? | Explained

Every theme park has different policies on whether you can re-enter the park after you leave.

In this page, we will cover if you can re-enter Universal Studios after you leave.

    Is Re-Entry Allowed at Universal Studios?

    If you need to leave the park for any reason, whether to grab something from your car or to eat food somewhere else, you'll be pleased to know that you're able to re-enter Universal Studios when you return by simply using your admission ticket. However, you must return on the same day.

    universal orlando re entry

    Re-Enter Using Your Admission Ticket

    To re-enter the park, you'll simply head to the entrance of the park and go through the entry process once again. This is one of the reason why the finger scan is used for your ticket. It ensures that you are the original visitor, and allows you a smooth re-entry.

    Hand Stamp - No Longer Used

    In earlier years, hand stamps would be used for re-entry. The way it would work is:

    Before leaving the park, you'd simply let the park attendant near the exit know that you were planning to return.

    The park attendant would stamp your hand which would signify that you have purchased a prior ticket, have left the park, and were simply returning to the park.

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