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Can I Change the Name on a Universal Studios Ticket?

Have you ever put the wrong name on a ticket and/or misspelled a name? Don't worry, it's more common than you think.

In this page we will cover the easiest way to get that fixed.

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    Can I Change the Name on a Universal Studios Ticket?

    Yes you can. You can simply head to guest services and they will be able to change the name on the ticket. Guest services is located to the right of the entrance turnstiles. In our experience, they've been extremely helpful in finding quick and efficient solutions.

    If Your Name is Wrong

    During your first visit, you will scan your fingerprints in the turnstiles area. If you decide to leave the park, or come back the next day and your fingerprint (for some reason) doesn't work..

    If your name is wrong, it will be a long process getting everything sorted out, and eventually re-entering the park.

    Calling the Universal Orlando Guest Center

    If you do not wait until getting to the actual park, you can call the Universal Orlando Guest Center at 1-800-711-0080They are open:

    • Mon-Sat 8AM to 10PM EST
    • Sun 8AM to 9PM EST.

    Why Does Universal Scan Your Finger?

    In order to make entry of thousands of guests an hour as smooth as possible, while preventing fraud.

    How Do I Know If My Universal Studios Ticket is Valid?

    If you purchase directly from Universal, it is the best way to know that your ticket is valid.

    The second best way is by purchasing from an Authorized Theme Park Ticket Reseller

    Our tickets are provided to us at a discounted rate directly from the attraction and theme park operators.

    That means Disney, Universal, SeaWorld and many others supply us with their tickets. Our tickets are identical to what you would purchase directly at the theme parks, except cheaper and easier to buy, and are delivered instantly to your email inbox

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