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The Best Ways to Get From Disney Springs to Magic Kingdom | Explained

On this page, we'll explain the best free ways to get from Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) to Magic Kingdom, as well as how to travel from the Disney Parks to Disney Springs.

Disney Springs entrance sign

    Take the Saratoga Springs Bus

    A great option is to walk from Disney Springs to Saratoga Springs, and then catch the Disney Springs Bus to take directly to Magic Kingdom.

    disney springs bus loop

    You do not have to stay at the Saratoga Springs Resort to be able to ride the Disney Bus that is headed there.

    You can find which Disney Bus is headed that way by using the bright blue Bus Directory sign, which will also show which gate the bus will be located in.

    disney springs bus directory sign

    This walk on average is a 2-mile walk round-trip, although it may vary depending on where you are walking from.

    Many Disney Springs seasoned guests use this method to make their way to the Magic Kingdom.

    Take the Bus Into Disney's Contemporary Resort

    Although there aren't any buses that will take you directly from Disney Springs to the Disney World Parks, you can get very close, within walking distance.

    disney springs buses loop

    By taking the Disney Springs Bus headed to Disney's Contemporary Resort, you will arrive only 0.5 miles away from Magic Kingdom.

    After disembarking from the bus, you can walk the remaining half a mile, which on average takes 10 minutes.

    Consider Using Ride Sharing Services

    If you've been at Disney Springs for a few hours, and are just not looking to walk, don't worry we understand.

    ride sharing services

    Disney Springs has two designated 'Ride Sharing Services' areas to make it a seamless process for both riders and drivers.

    Make sure to take a look at the Disney Springs map to figure out exactly where to go.

    West Side

    This is located near the Cirque du Soleil theater.


    This is known previously as the Disney bus stop area, and it's located next to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

    Bus Service From the Parks to Disney Springs

    Did you know that after 4 pm, buses actually run from any of the Disney World parks directly to Disney Springs?

    disney character bus

    If you decide that you've had enough of the parks for the day, and want to finish the day shopping, going to the movie theater, bowling, or sitting at nice sit-down restaurants, then you can do so.

    The bus will drop guests off at the Town Center, which is the newest neighborhood in Disney Springs. It is a retail-focused area with beautiful Spanish revival architecture surrounding it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Shuttle Between Disney Parks?

    Yes, you can. There are options including a monorail, buses, and even boats that you can use to transport between the parks. These options are complimentary, so they don't cost anything to ride.

    Is the Monorail at Disney Free?

    Yes, the monorail is included in the network of complimentary transportation for guests.

    Can you Ride the Disney World Monorail Without a Park Ticket?

    Yes, you can. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a Disney World ticket to ride the Monorail.


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