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What to Wear to Kings Dominion | Know Before You Go

Dressing incorrectly for any theme park can negatively affect your experience for an entire day.

This is why on this page we will explain how to dress for Kings Dominion, along with the reasons why these are the best options.

kings dominion visitors on twisted timbers

    What to Wear and Bring

    First and foremost, you'll want to dress comfortably but with a hint of athleticism. Light clothing will go a long way in enduring an entire day of walking, sweating, and possibly even getting wet (from the rain or Soak City).

    Attire Checklist

    In the next section, we cover each of these items in depth.

    • Athletic Shorts or Khaki Shorts
    • Short Sleeve Athletic Compression Shirt/Dry Fit Shirt
    • Walking/Running Shoes
    • Spare Change of Clothes
    • Sunglasses
    • Hat
    • Sunscreen/Sunblock
    • Extra Pair of Socks

    Many guests initially laugh at the suggestion of bringing an extra pair of socks until their socks become soaked from a ride or the rain, and they have stuck with them the rest of the day.

    If Planning to Soak City on the Same Day

    • Bathing Suit
    • Backpack
    • Sunscreen
    • Water
    • Towel

    You can find more information on Soak City attire rules here.

    Explaining Each Item to Wear

    Athletic or Khaki Shorts


    high waisted shorts women


    These high waisted athletic shorts are the perfect combination of lightweight, soft, and breathable, they also contain pockets.


    athletic shorts men


    These quick-drying athletic shorts are also lightweight, quick-dry, and have perfect airflow that comes in very handy during a hot day at the park.

    Shorts With Pockets

    You'd be surprised at how many athletic shorts don't have pockets, and guests order them online, and don't realize it until the day of their visit.

    They then either can't wear those shorts or do wear them and then have to carry their items all day.

    Loose Fitting Shirt

    A loose-fitting athletic shirt will feel amazing during a breeze, generally dries up quicker, and most importantly won't feel like 1,000 lbs after an entire day at the park.


    loose fitting shirt women


    Women's Athletic Shirt


    athletic shirt men


    Men's Athletic Shirt

    If you're worried about feeling underdressed at the park, you can always step it up with a Performance Polo Shirt.

    polo shirt men

    It'll provide almost all of the same benefits as a normal workout shirt would, but you'll be a bit more buttoned up for pictures.

    polo shirt women

    Women's Tennis Shirt Sleeveless Golf Polo Shirt.

    Walking/Running Shoes


    under armour running shoes men


    Under Armour's Charged Asset is one of the most comfortable shoes we've ever had, and is perfect for a day at the theme parks, as chances are that you'll be walking and or standing throughout most of the day.


    Sunglasses will allow you to be able to see clearly throughout the entire day (or else you will be squinting the entire day), while sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun.

    At a theme park, it's very possible that you can lose them, whether misplacing them or accidentally dropping them during walking or even on a ride.

    Due to that, you'll want to have sunglasses on the cheaper side, that still give your eyes protection from UV rays.

    This is why we recommend the Classic Aviator sunglasses


    sunglasses women


    and Duco Carbon Fiber Temple sunglasses.

    sunglasses men


    A hat isn't a must-have to wear to the park but it is nice to have as it will shield your scalp from the sun while giving you the comfort of not needing to fix your hair for every picture.

    However, you'll want to remember to take off your hat for any roller coaster or ride that will pick up in speed.

    Trust us, losing your hat while going full speed on a roller coaster isn't a great feeling.

    For males, the Einsky Waterproof Sun Hat is our choice if you're feeling different,


    sunhat men


    while the Muryobao Sun Hat is perfect for women to slide their pony tails through for extra comfort.


    sun hat ponytail women


    On the other hand, the classic baseball cap is our go-to whenever we just need something on our heads.

    baseball cap unisex


    If you're like us and have sensitive skin, the EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen is a lifesaver.

    sunscreen for sensitive skin

    The best part about this is that you can use it long after you visit the theme park for any outdoor activity, more than anything on this list, it's an investment.

    This sunscreen also has an SPF of 46.


    Although you necessarily won't 'wear a poncho', it's important to carry one especially if you're visiting during the summer months.

    Rather than carrying a large umbrella for an entire day in case it rains, just carry an ultra-lightweight poncho in your pocket or bag, and your future self will thank you if it does rain.

    Ponchos are very cheap and very worth it.

    This unisex, lightweight reusable poncho has worked wonders over the years at dozens of theme parks.

    poncho unisex

    Extra Pair of Socks

    These unisex, low-cut, super comfortable Airackeer ankle socks are perfect for preventing blisters while walking around an entire day at the park.


    There are two types of towels to bring to a theme park.

    • To Cool Off
    • To Dry Off

    Cooling Towels have exploded in popularity over the last few years, as guests can use these to quickly cool off on a hot day. 

    cooling towels

    These towels hold 8 times more water than a regular towel and uses evaporation technology to cool the user off.

    Most guests will use these towels on their necks, heads, and arms to quickly cool off.

    Items to Avoid

    Cotton T-shirts

    As they tend to take a long time to dry in the humidity, sweat, and water rides.

    • Nylon shorts
    • Short sleeve athletic compression shirt/dry fit shirt
    • Walking/running shoes
    • Spare change of clothes
    • Hat

    Wearing athletic but comfortable clothes will keep you light in the sun during your long visit.

    Wearing walking/running shoes will ensure that your feet will not hurt during your visit (you will walk a lot), to avoid having to cut your visit short.

      Kings Dominion Attire Rules

      According to the Kings Dominion FAQ, these are the attire policies:

      • Clothing with offensive language, obscene gestures/graphics, or nudity, or clothing that does not sufficiently cover undergarments is not allowed
      • Family-oriented themed outfits/attire are permitted. Attire must not represent or resemble any official Park character, disrupt regular company operations, or potentially harm another guest or associate.   
      • Attire and accessories must meet Code of Conduct dress requirements and may not be offensive or violent and may not disrupt the general safety of guests or associates. 
      • Guests wearing character-themed outfits may not sign autographs for other guests or represent themselves as a park associate. 
      • Costumes that conceal identity are prohibited. 
      • Rides and attractions may also have additional restrictions on dress attire. 
      • Themed outfits/attire may be prohibited during evening Halloween events.


      Are There Towels at Kings Dominion?

      Towels are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but guests are also allowed to bring their own towels. However, if a visitor rents a cabana, a certain amount of towels will be guaranteed per cabana. The number of towels depends on which cabana type of cabana is rented.

      Can You Dress Up at Kings Dominion?

      You can dress up at Kings Dominion most of the year, however, the outfit cannot be similar to any official park character, or conceal a visitor's identity. Costumes are not allowed during Halloween events, as that could confuse both guests and employees.

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