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Kings Dominion's Season Pass: Everything You Need to Know

A Season Pass is one of the most popular passes at Kings Dominion.

In this guide, we'll explain what a Kings Dominion Season Pass is, the types of Season Passes available, what each pass offers, and how to purchase it.

What is a Kings Dominion Season Pass?

A Kings Dominion Season Pass allows a pass holder to visit the park an unlimited number of times throughout the 'season' in a year, on all days that are open to the public.

kings dominion season pass differences

Depending on which Season Pass you purchase, the benefits can vary.

Some of the benefits that all of the Season Passes offer include:

  • Unlimited Summer & Fall Daytime Visits
  • Free Parking For the Season
  • Food & Merchandise Discounts
  • Bring a Friend Discount Tickets

group of visitors walking through kings dominion

Types of Season Passes Offered at Kings Dominion

There are three types of Season Passes at Kings Dominion including:

  1. Silver Pass
  2. Gold Pass
  3. Prestige Pass

Season Pass Differences

The Silver Pass is perfect for visitors only interested in visiting Kings Dominion on regular days, without any additional perks (besides free parking).

The Gold Pass allows visitors access to Kings Dominion on all days including special events such as Halloween Haunt and WinterFest.

The Prestige Pass is the most luxurious as it includes everything the Gold Pass offers plus Preferred Parking, access to VIP areas, early entry to the park, 1 Fast Lane Pass per visit, and Bring-A-Friend tickets.

1. Silver Pass

kings dominion silver pass

A Silver Pass is the cheapest of the three options.

Silver Pass benefits include:

  • Unlimited Summer & Fall Daytime Visits
  • Free General Parking
  • 10% Food & Merchandise Discounts
  • Bring-A-Friend Discount Tickets
  • Cedar Fair Hotel Discounts

However, a Silver Pass doesn't include access to limited-time seasonal events such as WinterFest and Halloween Haunt.

2. Gold Pass

kings dominion gold pass

A Gold Pass is more expensive than a Silver Pass and is perfect for visitors who want to have access to the park for the entire season, including seasonal limited events.

Gold Pass benefits include:

  • Unlimited Halloween Haunt & WinterFest Visits
  • Pre-K Passes
  • Unlimited Summer & Fall Daytime Visits
  • Free General Parking
  • 10% Food & Merchandise Discounts
  • Bring-A-Friend Discount Tickets
  • Cedar Fair Hotel Discounts

3. Prestige Pass

kings dominion prestige pass

A Prestige Pass is the most expensive option and is designed for visitors who want VIP treatment during their visit, as well as to take advantage of all of the perks the park has to offer.

Prestige Pass benefits include:

  • Access to VIP Area
  • Access to Preferred Entrance
  • Early Entry to Park & Waterpark
  • 1 Single Use Fast Lane Pass Per Visit
  • 2 Free Bring-a-Friend Tickets Per Year
  • Unlimited Summer & Fall Daytime Visits
  • 10% Food & Merchandise Discounts
  • Bring-A-Friend Discount Tickets
  • Pass Perks Rewards
  • Unlimited Haunt & WinterFest Visits
  • Eligible for 2 Pre-K Passes
  • Unlimited Visits To All Cedar Fair Parks

How to Pay For a Season Pass

As a Season Pass holder, you will pay an initial payment (a one-time fee) the day that you purchase the pass, and then pay a fixed fee every month, for 11 consecutive months.

If you're renewing your Season Pass, the payments will be slightly cheaper.

How it Works

  1. Select which season pass you want to purchase
  2. Input your billing information
  3. Upload a picture of yourself for your season pass or opt to take a picture at the park
  4. Check out

Where to Purchase a Season Pass

You can purchase your Season Pass directly from the Kings Dominion site, or in person at the park.


If you're planning on visiting the park at least 2 times in a season, a Season Pass may be a good option for you.

A Silver Pass in particular pays for itself in only under 2 visits.


kings dominion all season drink bottle

During checkout, you will be given the option to upgrade your pass with a variety of options (that will also last for the entire season) including:

  • All Season Dining (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • All Season Pass Drink Plan
  • All Season Drink Bottle
  • All Season Sun Pix
  • All Season Locker Rental
  • All Season Fast Lane

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