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Universal CityWalk Hollywood Parking | Guide & Special Offers

While Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal CityWalk might be right next to each other, the best available parking options are different depending on where you might be heading! 

In this guide, we'll break down the different types of parking options available at Universal CityWalk Hollywood and share which option might be the best value for your visit!  

We'll Assess The Following Universal CityWalk Hollywood Parking Options:

  • General Parking
  • Preferred Parking
  • Front Gate Parking
  • Valet Parking
  • Parking Deals and Special Offers


universal citywalk hollywood parking

Universal CityWalk Hollywood Parking

The four types of parking options at Universal CityWalk are General Parking, Preferred Parking, Valet Parking, and Front Gate Parking.

Each has varying prices and locations across CityWalk which we'll detail below.

General Parking 

  • Price Before 5 PM: $32
  • Price After 5 PM: $10

General Parking at Universal CityWalk Hollywood is going to be your most common and cheapest option.

Note that there are two different prices before and after 5 PM, so if you're visiting CityWalk for dinner be sure to keep this in mind. 

Location: Varies

    General Parking is in garages scattered all across Universal CityWalk Hollywood. If you don't mind any sort of walk and want to enjoy all of CityWalk then you'll never go wrong with General Parking.

    universal citywalk hollywood general parking garages


    While there are multiple garages at CityWalk, you don't get to choose which one to park in and will have to follow the Parking Attendants to whichever garage they are utilizing when you arrive. 

    Preferred Parking

    • Price Before 5 PM: $50
    • Price After 5 PM: $20

    Slightly more expensive than General Parking at CityWalk Hollywood is the Preferred Parking.

    Preferred Parking will either place you in the Woody Woodpecker lot near the front entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood or give you some of the best spots in each garage. 

    Location: Varies

      preferred parking universal citywalk hollywood

      Preferred Parking will get you out of the parking garage much faster than General Parking and into CityWalk.

      You may also get sent to one of the flat parking lots at CityWalk which have some of the easiest and quickest access to the most central areas. 

      While Preferred Parking does give you easier access to CityWalk, we'd recommend other premium parking options if convenience is most important to you. 

      TIP: Learn more about Preferred Parking and all things Universal Studios Hollywood Parking in our ultimate packing guide

      Front Gate Parking

      • Price: $70

      Front Gate Parking is the most expensive parking option at Universal CityWalk and the price doesn't decrease later in the day like General Parking and Preferred Parking.

      Location: Front Gate Parking is steps away from the security checkpoint at Universal Studios and only a few minutes away from the main entrance turnstiles.

         front gate parking universal citywalk hollywood

        Front Gate Parking is a fantastic option when visiting Universal Studios, but when visiting from CityWalk it's not the most ideal given its distance from some of the most popular stores and restaurants at CityWalk. 

        The price of Front Gate Parking does vary throughout the year and is currently at $70, but does go up to $80 during peak travel periods like around the Christmas holiday and certain weeks of Summer.

        Valet Parking

        • Standard Price For 2 Hours: $25
        • Standard Price for 2+ Hours: $50
        • Prices with Parking Validation From Full-Service CityWalk Hollywood Restaurant
          • 0 - 2.5 hours: $10
          • 2.5 - 3.5 hours: $15
          • 3.5+ hours: $50

        Valet Parking has a wide variety of prices depending on how long you'll be staying at CityWalk.

        Valet Parking is a great choice if you'll be spending only a few hours at Full-Service (sit-down, table service) restaurants. Upon finishing your meal at a Full-Service restaurant you can ask to have your parking voucher validated. 

        Location: Valet is at the Jurassic Park Garage and is only steps away from CityFood and other popular dining locations at Universal CityWalk Hollywood as well as a few minutes away from the main entrance turnstiles.

          Valet is a much cheaper alternative to Front Gate Parking if you won't be spending more than three and a half hours at CityWalk.

          You also won't have to worry about finding your car at the end of the night! 

          Parking Deals and Special Offers

          • $5 Parking

          One of the best deals when parking at Universal CityWalk Hollywood is $5 General Parking.

          If you're going to watch a movie at the Universal Cinema, simply show present your parking receipt at the ticket booth or guest service desk to be refunded the difference in what you paid! 

          Note that the $5 parking offer is only valid for General Parking and you must show proof of a movie ticket purchase as well as your parking receipt.  



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