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Universal's Refund & Cancellation Policy | How To Get A Refund

Cancellation policies and refunds for any sort of travel plans are often difficult to understand and Universal Studios is no exception to this belief!

Our Universal Studios Cancellation and Refund Policy Guide will simplify some of the key rules and restrictions to keep in mind if you find yourself needing to cancel your travel plans. 

Topics We'll Cover On Universal's Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • What Is Universal Studios' Cancellation and Refund Policy?
    • Air Travel
    • Tickets
    • Hotel Bookings
    • Special Event Packages
  • Must Know Tips For Canceling and Refunding Your Universal Studios Vacation!

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What Is Universal Studios Cancellation and Refund Policy?

Universal Studios' cancellation and refund policy varies depending on what specifically you purchased between vacation packages, airfare, hotels, and more!

In the sections below we'll detail what parts of a vacation package can be canceled and what fees or penalties you might have to pay. 


Air travel booked as part of a Universal vacation package generally is nonrefundable, however, you may receive a credit towards a new Universal vacation package when rebooking. 

You will be responsible for covering the cost of any fees or fare differences as determined by the airline though!

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Even if you purchase Cancel For Any Reason vacation package protection through Universal then you typically will only be able to receive an airfare credit towards another flight.

The benefit of purchasing Cancel For Any Reason protection is you won't be responsible for covering any additional airline cancellation fees. 

Airline change or cancellation fees can sometimes be hundreds of dollars, so this protection could save you a chunk of change if you find yourself needing to cancel your Universal Studios vacation package.

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Tickets purchased with vacation packages to Universal Studios cannot be canceled or refunded.

This also applies to tickets that are purchased standalone, or not part of a vacation package.

If purchased as part of a vacation package however, you will often have up to a year from the date of your purchase to use your tickets though, so even if you are unable to immediately visit Universal Studios, you'll have some time to plan another trip. 

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Tickets are going to be the hardest thing to get refunded by Universal Studios and are only given in extreme circumstances. We haven't seen much success in this area and extended ticket expiration dates are the most common form of compensation.

As long as you're open to taking a trip to Universal Studios shortly then you won't be at a total loss when it comes to the cost of your tickets.


Hotel bookings through Universal are a bit more flexible than tickets and airfare. 

If you cancel your package 46 days or later from your arrival date to Universal Studios then you will receive a full refund, though you may be responsible for a cancellation fee imposed by the hotel. 

If you cancel 45 days or less from your day arrival then you will be assessed a $200 fee per hotel reservation from Universal Studios as well as any fees charged by the hotel. 

If you purchased Cancel For Any Reason vacation package protection, then you cancel your hotel booking without being hit with any fees as long as you cancel 24 hours before your hotel check-in time. 

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Special event packages like a Halloween Horror Nights Package or Character Race Package are typically much more strict.

These packages are often never refundable or changeable but vary for each individual event package.

We recommend double-checking all of the fine print before booking a special event package to ensure you understand the cancellation or change policies!

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Tips For Canceling and Refunding Your Universal Studios Vacation!

Below we've included some tips to remember if you might find yourself in a situation where you'll cancel a Universal Studios Vacation!


First, and most importantly, double-check the Universal Vacations Terms & Conditions page before finalizing your booking. 

While our guide is here to simplify the cancellation policy, Universal can change its rules at any moment, so we recommend double-checking that page to see what policies will impact you the most. 

If you need further clarity then we recommend calling the number found on the Universal Vacations page to give you the best information. 

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Universal Studios has their own brand of travel protection called "Cancel For Any Reason".

In the event you need to cancel your travel plans then Cancel For Any Reason might save you a significant chunk of money.

This is the ultimate way to get a refund on your Universal tickets or vacation package. Your credit card might also have a similar travel insurance policy worth looking into as well!

If your reason for needing a refund on your Universal tickets falls within your credit card provides travel insurance policy, then they might have you covered!

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Another tip to consider is maybe passing on that vacation package and buying your tickets, travel, and hotel separately.

While vacation packages often throw in enticing special offers, their flexibility to cancel is much less than if you bought everything individually.

Most hotels allow you to cancel up to 48 hours before check-in without any sort of fees.

Ticket to Universal Studios can be bought the night before your arrival, or even a few hours before your arrival online if you're ever worried about not making it to the parks. Tickets do occasionally sell out, so it's good to plan, but this is a common occurrence.

Airlines also have many new options allowing additional flexibility in terms of receiving credit towards a new travel date or even a full refund with minimal fees.

In short, if you're worried about needing to cancel your vacation package then you should consider other more flexible options. 



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