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How To Get A Refund On SeaWorld Tickets | Policies & Tips To Know

SeaWorld theme parks across the country typically operate each day with minimal issues which means there usually should be no reason to need a refund on your tickets.

However, there are times where circumstances outside of your control might prompt you to consider getting a refund on your SeaWorld tickets.

In this guide, we'll explain SeaWorld's refund policies and how they apply to some of the most common reasons you might be thinking about asking for a refund on your tickets. 

Questions We'll Answer About Getting A Refund On SeaWorld Tickets:

  • What common situations are eligible for a refund?
  • How Do I Get A Refund On SeaWorld Tickets?

SeaWorld Rides & Shows

My Flight Was Canceled... Can I Get A Refund?

If you were on your way to any of the SeaWorld theme parks and purchased your tickets in advance there's nothing worse then finding out your flight has been canceled. 

If you aren't able to change your flight to a later time then we'd recommend checking to see if you may travel insurance on the credit card you bought your tickets with. 

You can find a list of Chase credit cards that include travel insurance here and American Express credit cards here.

If your card does have travel insurance then we recommend getting in touch with them to see if you can file a claim to get your ticket purchase refunded. 

SeaWorld San Antonio Rollercoaster

If you don't have travel insurance and can't change your flight then we recommend getting in touch with SeaWorld's guest service team as soon as possible.

These refunds are provided on a case-by-case basis and a full refund is going to depend on the very specific situation you find yourself in. 

Typically weather related cancellations because of natural disasters will get you a refund, but other flight cancellation reasons will be harder to get a refund for. 

More often than not SeaWorld will extend the expiration date of your tickets or provide you with a voucher or credit to visit their theme parks at a later time. 

While this isn't a full refund of your money, at least you will still have the ability to visit the parks at another time. 

Can I Get A Refund If Multiple Attractions Are Closed?

You might arrive to SeaWorld and find that one of your favorite rides or shows are closed. 

After checking multiple times throughout the day the ride or show remains closed and even worse - multiple other attractions are also closed!

SeaWorld San Diego Entrance

While rides and shows seem like an obvious part of a visit to SeaWorld, SeaWorld does not guarantee any of these attractions will be operational during your visit.

It's typically very hard if not near impossible to get a refund on your tickets if multiple rides and shows are closed. 

Your best bet is going to be to explain your situation to SeaWorld guest services and see if it might be possible to get a free or heavily discounted to come back to the parks another day. 

Again, SeaWorld typically does not give refunds or ticket credits because a few rides or shows aren't operating.

A large portion (75%+) of the park would need to be closed before SeaWorld begins to consider such widespread types of refunds, but it's never something you should expect to receive. 

Water splashing on SeaWorld guests

Are Bad Weather Refunds Allowed?

Refunds due to bad weather are also rarely given out. 

SeaWorld theme parks are open rain or shine and with many attractions being indoors they should see no changes to their operations because of bad weather.

Rollercoasters may pause during rain, high winds and lightning, but will typically begin operating again soon after the poor weather conditions pass. 

Even if the bad weather conditions persist all day it's unlikely that you'll get a refund from SeaWorld due to weather - this is one of the many conditions SeaWorld states tickets are not eligible for a refund. 

SeaWorld Orlando Fireworks

In certain situations where the weather is so bad that SeaWorld needs to close for the entire day or closer much earlier than anticipated you will likely be able to get a free ticket to return on another day. 

Refunds will be more challenging to get, however not impossible and will come down to the specific situation of how the weather impacted SeaWorld's ability to open their park. 

SeaWorld Is Closed - Can I Get A Refund?

There may be certain extreme circumstances in which SeaWorld will need to close on a day they previously advertised as being open on.

In these situations it will be very common to receive a ticket to return on another day of your choice or a refund on your existing SeaWorld tickets. 

The situations are very few and far between, so you should never anticipate SeaWorld being closed after advertising as being open, but these situations have happened in the past and it's likely you can get your tickets refunded. 

Other Personal Reasons

SeaWorld reviews other personal reasons such as illnesses on a case-by-case basis. 

Typically you should not expect to receive a refund in any of these situations and even getting your tickets expiration date extended, or a ticket to visit SeaWorld on another day are unlikely. 

This will ultimately depend on your very specific circumstance and SeaWorld's guest services will have the ultimate decision in what your eligible for. 

We would suggest being prepared for the worst in these situations and not expect a refund, but it's always worth trying especially if you're genuinely in a very tough situation that will not allow you to visit SeaWorld anytime in the near future. 

While Disney and Universal Studios have their own guidelines for ticket refunds, you'll find many of their policies to be similar.

How Do I Get A Refund On SeaWorld Tickets?

There are three ways to get a refund on SeaWorld tickets: 

  • Visit Guest Services In-Person
  • Call Guest Services
  • Write An Email 

Of these three ways to get a refund we recommend visiting guest services in-person. You have the best odds of getting a refund this way.

If you're not able to visit guest services in-person, the next best way to get a refund will be to call SeaWorld at 407-401-8477 and explain your situation. 

Writing an email may also result in a refund, but it's typically the slowest way to get a response, and emails can easily go unread, so we don't recommend this route. 



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