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Can You Get A Refund On Halloween Horror Nights Tickets? | Helpful Tips

If you bought Halloween Horror Nights tickets and are unfortunately unable to attend after making your purchase then you're probably hoping to get a refund on those tickets.

In this guide, we'll explain if and when you can get Halloween Horror Nights tickets refunded and what the refund process entails. 

These guidelines apply to both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Hollywood!

Halloween Horror Nights Sign

    Can I Get A Refund Due To Bad Weather?

    Halloween Horror Nights occurs rain or shine and Universal Studios rarely, if ever, closes because of bad weather.

    Because of this policy, you cannot get your ticket refunded due to bad weather except in circumstances when the event is entirely canceled for the evening. 

    Note: Most Halloween Horror Night houses are indoors, so the chances of the event being canceled are very slim.

    Alien Scareactor

    You might see a reduction in scareactors roaming the park when the weather is bad, but most of the event is unchanged.

    Be sure to pack an umbrella or poncho if rain is in the forecast!

    Can I Get A Refund If I Get Too Scared?

    Universal Studios warns its guests multiple times how intense and scary an event Halloween Horror Nights is. 

    Throughout your walk to the ticket booths and even when purchasing tickets online you'll see multiple signs and warnings describing the nature of the event. 

    Zombie Hippy Dancing At Halloween Horror Nights

    Because of these multiple warnings, you will be unable to get a refund on Halloween Horror Nights tickets even if you are too scared to enjoy the event and explore the park. 

    Can I Get A Refund If I Purchase A Ticket For The Wrong Day?

    Accidents happen and you might find yourself in a situation where you purchased a ticket for the wrong Saturday or clicked through too quickly when selecting a day.

    Universal displays which date you're purchasing a ticket for multiple times when buying tickets online and asks you to review your order details before confirming the purchase. 

    While tickets purchased for the wrong date cannot be refunded, Universal often allows guests to exchange the ticket for another date.

    Clown With Fire Behind Him

    You may need to pay a difference in price for this new date.

    If your new desired day to attend is sold out then you'll need to choose an alternative as Universal cannot override a sold-out date even though you've already purchased a ticket. 

    Note: Ticket exchanges are done at the discretion of Universal Studios and while they have often been accommodating in the past, each ticket exchange request is approved or denied on a case-by-case basis. 

    halloween horror nights

    Can I Get A Refund If One or Multiple Attractions Aren't Open?

    Rides, haunted houses, and scarezones can experience technical issues during Halloween Horror Nights.

    You might feel like you didn't get the full HHN experience especially if your favorite attraction might not be available when you attend.

    More often than not all attractions will be operating as expected by Universal, but if one or multiple attractions are not operating you will not be able to receive a refund on your Halloween Horror Nights tickets. 

    Mel's Die-In Sign

    In some extreme cases where more than half of the available attractions don't open for the entire night then Universal may be flexible in providing tickets for another Halloween Horror Nights date, but these situations are very rare.

    More often than not your visit to Halloween Horror Nights shouldn't have too many technical issues that prevent you from experiencing multiple attractions. 

    Can I Get A Refund If Halloween Horror Nights Is Canceled?

    In the rare circumstance that Halloween Horror Nights is canceled on the day your ticket is purchased then you will often be eligible for a refund or Universal will exchange your ticket for another day!

    This is one of the most simple ways to get a refund on a Halloween Horror Nights ticket, however, it hardly ever happens!

    Halloween Horror Nights Butcher Scareactor

    Can I Get A Refund For Other Personal Reasons?

    Universal Studios reviews personal reasons (illness, unable to travel, etc.) for not being able to attend Halloween Horror Nights on a case-by-case basis.

    Refunds are always hard to receive, but it is not uncommon for Universal to offer you to attend on an alternative date or receive some form of credit.

    While each theme park has its own set of policies, you'll find the rules and guidelines to be generally the same as other major theme parks including Disney and SeaWorld.

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