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San Diego Zoo Stroller Policy: Rules & Restrictions Explained

Knowing San Diego Zoo's stroller policy will help ensure a worry free experience when thinking about bringing a stroller with you on your visit.

Our San Diego Stroller Policy Guide details everything you'll want to know before bringing a stroller into the San Diego Zoo! 

Questions We'll Answer About San Diego Zoo's Stroller Policy:

  • Are Strollers Allowed At The San Diego Zoo?
  • What Types Of Strollers Are Not Allowed At The San Diego Zoo?
  • Is San Diego Zoo Stroller Friendly?
  • Things To Consider Before Bringing A Stroller To The San Diego Zoo!

"San Diego Zoo" Sign

Are Strollers Allowed At The San Diego Zoo?

Yes! Strollers are allowed at the San Diego Zoo. 

You may either bring your own stroller or rent one directly from the zoo

Nearly every type of stroller is allowed at the San Diego Zoo and the property is quiet stroller friendly which we've detailed in the following sections. 

Giant Lion statue at San Diego Zoo entrance

What Types Of Strollers Are Not Allowed At The San Diego Zoo?

As of this writing there are no restrictions on the types of strollers allowed into the San Diego Zoo.

While other major tourist attractions in Southern Californian like Disneyland have prohibited guests from bringing wagon strollers onto their property, the San Diego Zoo is currently still allowing wagon strollers.

While the San Diego Zoo doesn't have any explicitly restrictions on strollers, they do have the right to deny you entry if they believe your stroller may be problematic in anyway. 

Generally you should have no issues bringing in most types of strollers to the San Diego Zoo!

Large red double decker tour bus

Is San Diego Zoo Stroller Friendly?

The San Diego Zoo is mostly stroller friendly, but you may find some areas of the property a bit difficult to push a stroller around. 

The San Diego Zoo actually has many inclines and declines across the property, so be prepared to push a little extra up these hills, as well as keep your stroller under control going down the hills!

Two koalas

You'll also find a few situations where you may need to fold up or leave your stroller behind on certain attractions. 

You won't be able to bring your stroller onto the Skyfari Aerial tram and will need to leave it behind in a designated area. 

Most of strollers also won't be able to be stored on the trams or tour busses on San Diego Zoo property, so make sure you're comfortable leaving your stroller behind on a few occasions or skipping some attractions. 

Things To Consider Before Bringing A Stroller To The San Diego Zoo!

While strollers are allowed at the San Diego Zoo, there are a few tips and considerations to keep in mind to make traveling with a stroller as easy as possible.

We've detailed some San Diego Zoo stroller tips below!


If you don't want to pack your own stroller then you'll be able to rent a stroller directly from the San Diego Zoo.

This is especially helpful for guests not local to San Diego or those who don't want to leave their personal stroller behind when riding certain attractions. 


San Diego Zoo has many hills with inclines and declines!

You'll find that heavier strollers are going to be a pain pushing around all day and these hills are going to make your day even more difficult. 


You'll need to comfortable with the fact that San Diego Zoo employees may move your stroller if you leave it behind at a ride.

San Diego Zoo employees are allowed to move any strollers that may be blocking paths or need to be relocated to make room for additional strollers or walking space.

If you don't like other people touching your stuff, then you may want to reconsider bringing a stroller to the zoo!


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