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10 Six Flags Over Georgia Tips That You Can't Miss

In this guide, we will cover our best Six Flags Over Georgia tips to ensure that you arrive to the park extremely prepared, and know all of the 'hacks' to maximize your time and money.

six flags over georiga fun

    1. Start at the Back of the Park

    If you take a look at the Six Flags Over Georgia map, you'll notice most of the rides are located in the back of the park. These are the same rides that rack up very long lines as the day goes on.

    Six Flags Over Georgia Map

    By getting to the park when it opens, and going directly to the back of the park, you'll be dealing with minimal (if any) lines.

    You can knockout the most popular rides such as Superman and Pandemonium first, and explore the rest of the park later on.

    Most guests enter the park and immediately go to the nearest attractions by the entrance.

    Essentially, you'll visit the park in reverse, deal with much less waits, and have a much better experience overall.

    2. Check the Crowd Calendar

    There is something called a 'Crowd Calendar' that major theme parks have.

    It pretty much works like this.

    It's a regular calendar that shows each day, and how busy they expect the park to be each day of the month, based on previous historical data.

    six flags over georgia crowd calendar weekend

    The calendar will use color coding along with phrases to give you a better understanding of what you can expect.

    This is a huge resource as it can help you plan a vacation around crowd levels.

    six flags over georgia crowd calendar weekday

    3. Don't Pay Full Price

    When you purchase directly from the Six Flags site, your tickets will be cheaper, and you'll also be able to skip the line by going straight to the gate when you arrive at the park.

    4. Invest in a Flash Pass

    A Six Flags Over Georgia Flash Pass provides visitors access to a separate and quicker line, for the most popular rides. The entrance will either lead to a different line, or allow you to cut the regular line.

    flash pass entrance

    This essentially acts as a fast pass for the parks, as you'll spend less time waiting in lines, and more time riding the actual rides.

    The Park provides you with a touch screen watch that provides you access to the quicker lines, and you will also use this watch to reserve your spot on rides.

    From this watch you will be able to see what rides you have reserved, change your reservations to another ride, or even cancel your reservation for a ride.

    You can purchase the Flash Pass online directly from the Six Flags site.

    5. Know About Parent Swap

    Parent Swap allows parents to be able to not have to wait in line twice, to ride their favorite rides.

    six flags over georgia favorite

    This is how it works:

    1. The whole group gets in line
    2. Right before boarding, let the ride operator know that you'd like to use Parent Swap, and hand them your parent swap pass
    3. One adult will wait with the kids on the other side of the ride (where riders head towards after done riding)
    4. The other adults will ride the ride
    5. When the first pair of adults ride the ride, they get off, and now its their turn to stay with the kids, and the adult who had waited can hop on the ride

    6. Rent a Locker

    If you're planning on bringing items that you can't carry to rides (such as backpacks, hats, extra clothes etc), you may consider renting a locker.

    over georgia locker

    Lockers work through a first come, first serve system, and they are an additional cost.

    There is an all-day locker, and an hourly locker that you can choose from.

    Most riders have a locker station where you are able to rent a locker to store your belongings. You can pay with a credit card.

    Locker Locations

    • Guest Relations, at the park entrance
    • Next to Monster Mansion, in the Peachtree Square section
    • Near Paradise Island, inside Hurricane Harbor
    • Near Tidal Wave Cafe, inside Hurricane Harbor
    • Next to Bonzai Pipeline, inside Hurricane Harbor

    7. Best Time to Visit

    The best days to visit Six Flags Over Georgia are on weekdays, specifically Tuesday-Thursday.

    wednesday thursday

    The best time frame to visit is around the last week of March through the last week of May.

    The average temperature around this time is between 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the exact weather that you want while visiting a theme park.

    Most guests plan their entire trip to the park around the weekend. Normally on the weekends, kids are out of school, and parents are off of work. This creates the perfect recipe for a packed park on the weekends.

    8. Know the Different Types of Parking

    There are essentially 3 types of parking at Six Flags Over Georgia including: General parking, Preferred parking and Valet parking.

    valet parking six flags

      • General Parking: Cheapest and most common option
      • Preferred Parking: More expensive than General parking but provides closer parking to the entrance
      • Valet Parking: More expensive than both options, and you'll be able to head directly to the Valet Parking area, and valet will be in charge of parking your car and pulling it back up after you're done visiting the park.

    9. Download the App

    six flags over georgia app

    You can do the following things in the app:

    • Use mobile food ordering (vs having to wait in lines)
    • See the park map
    • See the park operating hours
    • Get information on rides, restaurants & even shops
    • Use this app for all Six Flags parks in North America

    10. Free Wifi

    Six Flags offers free wifi inside of the park!

    You can now connect to their new, high-speed WiFi network from anywhere in the park for free!

    With WiFi coverage spanning the entire park, you can navigate the mobile app, check in at rides, interact with friends, and share your moments on social media easier than ever before.

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