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LEGOLAND Costco Tickets | Deals & Everything You Should Know

Costco is not only one of the best warehouse stores in the world, but also a great source to buy attraction tickets to theme parks like LEGOLAND.

Purchasing theme park tickets from Costco is likely an unfamiliar process, so we're here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about purchasing LEGOLAND tickets from Costco!

Questions We'll Answer About Costco's LEGOLAND Tickets:

  • How Do You Purchase LEGOLAND Tickets From Costco?
  • Can You Buy LEGOLAND Tickets From Costco As A Gift?
  • Are Costco LEGOLAND Tickets Refundable?
  • What Types Of Special Offers Does Costco Have On LEGOLAND Tickets?
  • Are LEGOLAND Tickets From Costco A Good Deal?

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How Do You Purchase LEGOLAND Tickets From Costco?

LEGOLAND tickets from Costco can only be purchased in Costco stores.

There is currently no option to purchase LEGOLAND tickets online from the Costco Travel website. 

It's important to note however that LEGOLAND tickets aren't available year-round at Costco. LEGOLAND tickets only go on sale a few times throughout the year, so you'll need to watch for when they go on sale.

You'll typically find LEGOLAND tickets near the front of your Costco store by the giftcards or next to the Costco Travel desk if you have one at your store. 

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If you can't find any tickets at either of these two locations it's unlikely they're on sale at all - you can always ask Costco staff if they have any though. 

You'll also really only see LEGOLAND tickets on sale if you live near a LEGOLAND location (California, Florida, New York) or in a neighboring state to these attractions.

If you aren't able to find LEGOLAND tickets at your Costco store then we recommend checking out an Authorized LEGOLAND Ticket Seller like us at Theme Park Center which has great deals on LEGOLAND tickets throughout the year.

Can You Buy LEGOLAND Tickets From Costco As A Gift?

It's very common for one person to buy tickets to theme parks like LEGOLAND on behalf of an entire group or as a gift.

Luckily, you'll have no issue doing this at Costco either. 

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LEGOLAND tickets from Costco can be given as gifts or purchased on behalf of friends or family. 

Just remember that these tickets need to be unused before giving them to someone else. Once a LEGOLAND ticket is scanned at the front gates it becomes nontransferable and must be used by the same person every single time. 

You also aren't able to resell LEGOLAND tickets purchased from Costco, so once you buy them don't expect to be able to make a profit on these tickets.

Are Costco LEGOLAND Tickets Refundable?

LEGOLAND tickets are typically nonrefundable no matter where you purchase your ticket from.

This isn't exclusive to LEGOLAND as most theme park operators (including Disney and Universal) have very strict no refund policies.

In certain very exceptional circumstances you may have luck getting a refund, but these requests are few and far between, so we recommend only purchasing a LEGOLAND ticket if you know you're going to use it. 

Most LEGOLAND tickets purchased from Costco are valid for an extended period of time which means if you need to reschedule your trip to LEGOLAND then your ticket will likely still be valid. 

If your plans to reschedule fall out of the validity dates of your LEGOLAND ticket, then you may have better lucky asking for an extension of time to use your tickets as opposed to a full refund. 

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What Types Of Special Offers Does Costco Have On LEGOLAND Tickets?

LEGOLAND ticket offers at Costco are always changing, but there are certain deals we see more often than others.

One of the most common deals at Costco is a free child's ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket. This offer can be worth over $80 per child depending on what time of year you'll be visiting!

Another deal we've seen is three days for the price of two. This is essentially a buy two days, get one free offer that saves you about 30% from what you would've paid directly from LEGOLAND. 

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Finally, we've seen a lot of offers for tickets with just a standard percentage off the gate price. These deals have ranged anywhere from 20%-40% off the price you'd buy an identical ticket type for at LEGOLAND. 

These percent off deals are usually only for a very select few ticket types (usually multiple day tickets), so don't expect to find every single type of ticket available at Costco with these price markdowns.  

Are LEGOLAND Tickets From Costco A Good Deal?

LEGOLAND ticket deals at Costco are some of the best around and we highly recommend purchasing from them. 

These ticket deals are usually such a good value it's often worth considering a Costco membership just to purchase these tickets if you don't have one already. 

The only caveat is Costco doesn't sell LEGOLAND tickets year round, so if miss your window of opportunity to purchase your tickets you might have to look into other authorized LEGOLAND ticket sellers

If you're looking to purchase LEGOLAND tickets than Costco is a trusted place to purchase from and save some money along the way - we can't recommend them enough! 



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