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10 Best LEGOLAND California Tips | Simply Explained

In this guide, we will cover our best LEGOLAND California tips to ensure that you arrive to the park extremely prepared, and know all of the 'hacks' to maximize your time and money.

    1. Know the Best Time to Visit

    The best days to visit Legoland California are on weekdays, specifically Tuesday-Thursday.

    Most guests plan their entire trip to the park around the weekend. Normally on the weekends, kids are out of school, and parents are off of work. This creates the perfect recipe for a packed park on the weekends.

    legoland california tips

    By going during the weekday, there's a high chance that you'll deal with minimal crowds, less waits, and you'll be able to experience much more in a shorter period of time.

    We've created a guide covering the best time to visit Legoland California, the best time of the day to visit, the best season to visit & even the worst season to visit along with reasons why.

    2. Don't Pay Full Price

    When you purchase with us, you can Save $18+ per ticket, and you'll also be able to skip the line by going straight to the gate.

    You can learn more about our process and how we're able to do this through our Authorized Theme Park Ticket Reseller page.

    legoland entrance

    3. Grab a Driver's License at the Park

    Head on over to the Fun Town circuit and let the kiddos have the time of their lives driving in their own lego cars!

    Kids of ages 6-13 years old will drive their own personal cars, and once they have completed the track they will receive a driver's license in the end.

    For an additional cost, you will be able to add a picture to the license. This is a very popular souvenir for visitors.

    legoland drivers license

    4. How Many Hours is Enough?

    A full day will be plenty of time to cover everything that the park has to offer, it will just come down to the energy level of the kiddos. Some kids are able to play non-stop for 6 hours, while others will be tired after only a bit of time.

    Another factor to consider is if you're visiting on a sunny day. The sun can drain visitors much quicker than they anticipate.

    Legoland California is normally open for about 7 hours, from 10 am - 5 pm (you can double check their hours on their site).

    5. Know About Reserve N Ride

    Legoland's Reserve and Ride program allows you to reserve a ride at a certain time slot, and then use a separate and faster line to get to your ride when it's your time to ride. It essentially allows you to skip the line altogether!

    This ultra popular feature is used by many guests, as they can seamlessly plan their day around their favorite rides.

    legoland ride fun

    This feature requires guests to download the LEGOLAND Resort app in order to make a reservation.

    6. Consider a Season Pass

    An annual pass can be absolutely worth it if you're planning on visiting the park at least twice in a calendar year.

    In 2 visits, an annual pass will pay for itself, and that's not even including the value of other perks such as admission to LEGOLAND California Resort, LEGOLAND Water Park and SEA LIFE Aquarium for one year.

    There are 4 types of annual passes, with each offering different perks. You can see all of the possible annual passes in the Legoland California site.

    7. Know the Different Types of Parking

    There are two types of parking offered at Legoland California including:

    • General Parking
    • Preferred Parking

    General Parking is going to be your most basic and cheapest option when parking at Legoland California.

    General Parking will be $25 consistently every day of the year, for cars and motorcycles.

    Preferred Parking will provide you access to park closer to the entrance of the park, at a higher cost than general parking ($35).

    8. Take a Picture of Where You Parked

    After a long and fun day at the park, the last thing that you'll want to do is spend hours looking for your car.

    take picture

    This tip is one that most skip over, until it happens to them! Then, they read this section three times just to make sure it never happens to them again.

    Take a picture of where you parked (and the surrounding areas such as row names), or if you have an iPhone just drop a pin.

    Either of these options will allow your day to go smoothly from beginning to end.

    9. Know What to Bring

    There are essential items that you'll want to bring to this park to protect yourself from the heat, and just to be ready for the park in general including:

    • Sunscreen
    • Water bottle
    • Identification Card (Driver's license)
    • Phone charger
    • Hat
    • Credit card

    10. Download the App

    The Legoland California app can come in extremely handy during your visit.

    • Plan your visit – Purchase tickets, Reserve-N-Ride & more on the day or in advance.
    • Ride Times – Find out the current waiting time for your favorite rides & attractions.
    • Offers & Discounts – The app features exclusive and exciting offers for you to use around the Resort during your visit.
    • Explore – Wherever you are at LEGOLAND California Resort, find out what rides, attractions, shops and restaurants are around you with our Interactive Park Map!
    • Show Times – Set a reminder for all of our shows so you don’t miss out!

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