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Legoland's Reserve And Ride: Everything You Need to KNow

In this guide we'll go over what a Legoland Reserve and Ride Pass is, what it allows you to do, what rides it includes, and where to buy them.

    What is Legoland's Reserve and Ride?

    Legoland's Reserve and Ride program allows you to reserve a ride at a certain time slot, and then use a separate and faster line to get to your ride when it's your time to ride. It essentially allows you to skip the line altogether!

    This ultra popular feature is used by many guests, as they can seamlessly plan their day around their favorite rides.

    This feature requires guests to download the LEGOLAND Resort app in order to make a reservation.

    legoland resort app reservation

    Limited Amount

    It's important to know that these passes sell out extremely fast! Your best bet is to log into the app in the morning of your visit, and choose your 'Must-Do' rides for the day.

    How Does It Work?

    1. Download the App
      1. legoland resort app shop
    2. Click the 'Shop' tab (located in yellow on the bottom right of the above screenshot)
    3. Login/Make an Account
    4. Click 'Buy Now' for Reserve and Ride
    5. Select a Ride and Make a Reservation
    6. Receive a QR Code on the App
      1. legoland resort app qr code
    7. Make sure a 'Countdown' begins on the app that will signify how close in time until it's your turn
    8. When it's your time to ride, head to the Reserve 'N' Ride entrance line
    9. Show the park attendant your QR code from the app
    10. Enjoy your ride without having needed to wait in any lines!

    select a ride, make a reservation for a time slot, and then enter through the ride's Reserve 'N' Ride entrance

    Included Rides


    legoland reserve and ride included rides

    The included rides can be found inside of the app itself, but we've also provided a list of the rides below.

    As you can see, the four rides pictures are all full and closed for the day, at the time of this writing.

    • Driving School
    • LEGO CITY: Deep Sea Adventure
    • LEGO NINJAGO The Ride
    • LEGO TEHNIC Coaster
    • Lost Kingdom Adventure
    • Splash Battle
    • The Dragon
    • Coast Cruise
    • Coastersaurus
    • Emmett's Flying Adventure Ride
    • Kid Power Tower
    • Pirate Reef
    • Safari Trek
    • Skipper School
    • Unikitty's Disco Drop

    When to Get a Reserve & Ride Pass

    If you're only visiting the park for one day, and the only time that you can go is on the weekend (when the park is most busy), so you'd like to maximize your time.

    Or, if you just hate waiting in lines in general.

    You'll be able to save time and experience the park without dealing with having to wait in any lines.

    One of the few unavoidable downsides of visiting a theme park. is having to wait in lines. The most popular attractions will typically have a line that you will have to wait in, but you can bypass this with a Reserve 'N' Ride Pass.

    When to Not Get a Reserve & Ride Pass

     When you're able to visit the park during the weekday, the park is normally less busy, which means less lines.

    If this is the case, you won't need a Reserve 'N' Ride pass, as it may not be the best investment if the lines are already short.

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