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Best Time to Visit Legoland California | Easily Explained

In this page we'll go over the best time to visit Legoland California, the best time of the day to visit, the best season to visit & even the worst season to visit along with reasons why.

    Best Day to Visit

    The best days to visit Legoland California are on weekdays, specifically Tuesday-Thursday.

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    Most guests plan their entire trip to the park around the weekend. Normally on the weekends, kids are out of school, and parents are off of work. This creates the perfect recipe for a packed park on the weekends.

    By going during the weekday, there's a high chance that you'll deal with minimal crowds, less waits, and you'll be able to experience much more in a shorter period of time.

    Additionally by visiting on a weekday, you won't necessarily have to follow the strict itinerary that you created beforehand.

    You'll have the ability to be much more laid back, and enjoy the park at your own pace.

    Best Time of Day to Visit

    The best time of the day to visit the park is definitely as soon as the park opens. Legoland California normally opens around 10 am, and you'll want to arrive 30 minutes early.

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    This will heighten your chances of being one of the first people at the park, and you'll be able to head directly to your must-do ride with no waits.

    By getting to the park when it opens, you'll also enjoy several hours of lighter crowds before the rest of the park begins filling up as the afternoon rolls around.

    By the time that the park fills up, you'll have had several hours under your belt, and hopefully have done the most popular experiences as well.

    Best Months to Visit

    Beginning of January

    A few days after the new year! The holiday season will have just ended, and the park is usually on the emptier side at this time.


    While other parks are busy during Super Bowl weekend, traditionally Legoland California has had lighter crowds at this time.


    Before and after Spring Break, will allow you to avoid the Spring break crowd, and catch the park at a calmer time.


    Before Memorial Day weekend! After this weekend is when school is usually out, so you'll definitely want to consider visiting prior to that weekend.

    Underrated Month to Visit

    November before Thanksgiving weekend is a sneakily great time to visit. This is normally a weird dead period crowd-wise, as they don't tend to pick up until near the Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend.

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    Crowds are very manageable around this time, and as far as weather is concerned, all that you will need is a jacket to stay warm.

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