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Knott's Berry Farm Annual Pass: Everything You Need to Know

Many theme parks offer different types of passes for repeat customers.

In this page, we'll explain whether or not Knott's Berry Farm offers an Annual Pass, and if so, everything it offers.

Does Knott's Berry Farm Offer an Annual Pass?

Knott's Berry Farm does not currently offer an Annual Pass, however they do offer a Season Pass for all of their visitors.

knotts season pass at front of the park

A Knott's Berry Farm Season Pass allows a pass holder to visit the park an unlimited number of times throughout the 'season' in a year, on all days that are open to the public.

knotts berry farm season pass

Some of the benefits that this Season Pass offers include:

  • Unlimited visits
  • Bring a Friend Discount Tickets
  • Unlimited visits at Soak City (Gold & Platinum Pass)
  • Discounts on food & merchandise

Knott's Season Passes have no blockout dates.

Annual Pass vs Season Pass

How a Season Pass Works

A a Season Pass is different from an Annual pass, as typically Season Passes last until December 31st of the year that you purchased the pass.

If you purchased a Season Pass in April of 2024, your Season Pass will be valid through December of the same year, which in this case is 2024.

How an Annual Pass Works

An Annual Pass will last for 12 consecutive months, regardless of when you purchased the pass.

This means that if you purchased an Annual Pass in April of 2024, your Annual Pass would be valid through April of 2025.

However, Knott's currently does not offer an Annual Pass.

We will update this page in the event that they begin offering an Annual Pass.

Can You Share an Annual Pass or Season Pass?

Visitors are not able to share an Annual Pass or a Season Pass, as it is valid for only one person.

Each visitor must purchase their own pass to gain entrance to the park.

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