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9 Best Knott's Berry Farm Rides for Toddlers | Easily Explained

Traveling with toddlers to any theme park can be hard, however Knott's Berry Farm makes it easy!

In this page, we'll go over the top rides for toddlers that Knott's offers, how each one is unique, and actual (point of view) videos of the rides.

flying ace knotts berry farm

Table of Contents

  1. Flying Ace
  2. Camp Bus
  3. Balloon Race
  4. Grand Sierra Railroad
  5. High Sierra Ferris Wheel
  6. Pig Pen's Mud Buggies
  7. Rocky Mountain Trucking Co.
  8. Timberline Twister
  9. Woodstock's Airmail
  10. Tips for Parents

1. Flying Ace

Kids will be able to sit inside of a quality airplane and 'take-off' up and down in circular motions!

This is one the most popular attractions for kids.


2. Camp Bus

Jump in the mini school bus that moves both circular clockwise and counter-clockwise motions, as your kids have the time of their lives.


3. Balloon Race

Hop in an airballoon basket with your kiddos in this gentle ride as it slowly spins you around in a carousel, and you get an aerial view of Camp Snoopy.


4. Grand Sierra Railroad

This train ride will take you and your kids on a gentle ride around Knott's Berry Farm, and you'll be able to see different Peanuts characters during your trip.


5. High Sierra Ferris Wheel

When you think of Ferris Wheels, you think of giant ones that a lot of kids will be scared of.

Well you wont have to worry about that here.

They took those thoughts into consideration, and made a much smaller ferris wheel that most kids can actually enjoy!


6. Pig Pen's Mud Buggies

Kids can hop inside of a small car and play use the steering wheel to 'navigate' as they move up and down in circles around the track.

7. Rocky Mountain Trucking Co.

The first thing you'll hear (and wont stop hearing) is the horn that the kids are constantly having fun using!

This ride provides a great bonding experience, as kids will be able to drive their parents around on a track.


8. Timberline Twister

If you're looking for a roller coaster for kids, look no further.

This roller coaster is a small coaster with some turns and small hills, that is perfect for kids.

9. Woodstock's Airmail

Kids will all be placed in a single row, and this ride will take them up and down in a bumpy fashion.

Unlike the adult vertical rides where there are free falls, this is a much gentler version, as it goes down with 'bumps' to cater to kids and still allow them to have ultimate fun.

Tips for Parents

Parent Locator Service

Knott's offers something called the Parent Locator Service, which allows your cell phone number to be on file for your child in case of any emergency.

For example, if your child is found without you, and they are too young to remember your phone number (or too distressed to remember), your information can be pulled up from the file in the Information Office.

This allows parents a giant peace of mind when going to the Knott's theme park.

camp bus knotts berry farm

Kids Under 3 Get in for Free

Children under 3 years of age can get into the park for free!

Children within the 3-11 years of age range will need to have a 'Junior Ticket' in order to enter the park.

balloon race knotts berry farm

Parent Swap for Rides

Parents are allowed to have fun too!

Knott's offer something called the Parent Swap system and it works like this.

If the kids are too short to ride a certain ride, but the parents want to ride, parents can wait in line with their kids.

Once they arrive to the ride, one parent will ride the actual ride, while the other parent waits with the kids on the 'finished' side of the ride.

When the first parent is done riding, they swap roles.

Now the second parent jumps on the ride, and the first parent will wait with the kids.

grand sierra railroad knotts berry farm

Why Does This Matter?

Back in the old days, parents would have to wait throughout the entire line twice in order for both parents to ride.

That's a lot of waiting for everyone involved, especially the kids who aren't even tall enough to ride!

This makes everything much easier (and convenient).

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