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Knott's Berry Farm Tickets | Best Places To Buy From & Other Tips

One of the most important purchases you'll make when planning your visit to Knott's Berry Farm will of course be your admission ticket!

There are nearly a dozen ticket options, even more places to purchase a ticket from, and tons else to consider - which leaves the important question what type of ticket should I buy and where should I buy it from?

Our Knott's Berry Farm Ticket Guide will detail all you need to know before making your ticket purchase! 

Things To Know Before Buying Knott's Berry Farm Tickets

  • What Types Of Tickets Are Available?
  • Where Can Knott's Berry Farm Tickets Be Purchased?
  • Are Knott's Tickets Refundable?
  • Can I Buy Knott's Tickets For Someone Else?
  • Season Pass vs Standard Tickets

The Best Places To Buy Knott's Tickets + Other Money Saving Tips:

  • How To Save Money On Knott's Berry Farm Tickets!
  • Where Is The Best Place To Buy Knott's Berry Farm Tickets?

 Knott's Berry Farm Sign

What Types Of Tickets Are Available?

There are currently three different types of tickets you can purchase from Knott's Berry Farm: Single Day AdmissionAdmission Bundle, and Season Passes.

Single Day Admission is relatively straightforward and the most common ticket type purchased. This ticket allows you to enter Knott's Berry Farm for one day and enjoy all of the attractions the park has to offer. 

Single Day Admission tickets are date specific when purchased directly from Knott's Berry Farm.

This means that during checkout you will be asked to select the date you are planning to visit Knott's Berry Farm and your ticket will only be valid on the selected date.

Knott's BearyTales Ride Entrance

The Knott's Berry Farm Admission Bundle includes a single-day admission to the park as well as parking and All-Day Dining for one price. 

The Admission Bundle is of course more expensive than standard Single Day Admission, but if you're interested in All-Day Dining and will be parking a car on property then you'll save money this way as opposed to purchasing these add-ons separately. 

Like Single Day Admission tickets, the Admission Bundle is also date specific. 

The last ticket option you have at Knott's Berry Farm is Season Passes.

Season Passes allow you to visit Knott's Berry Farm multiple times throughout the calendar year. Season Passes at Knott's differ from annual passes at Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood as they are only valid for the calendar year and are not valid for a whole year from the date of purchase.

Season Passes take the place of multi-day admission tickets, which aren't for sale at Knott's Berry Farm. If you want to visit Knott's for more than one day then a Season Pass will be your only option. 

If you're thinking about a Season Pass then we recommend checking out our Knott's Berry Farm Season Pass Guide for a detailed breakdown of what to expect before purchasing a pass. 

Knott's Season Pass Sign With Pricing

Where Can Knott's Berry Farm Tickets Be Purchased?

While purchasing tickets from Knott's Berry Farm might seem obvious, there are quite a few options available to you.

Buying Knott's Berry Farm tickets directly from Knott's is the most straightforward way to purchase your tickets, but it's not always the easiest method or even the best price available.  

Some of the most popular places to purchase Knott's Berry Farm include:

Costco and Sam's Club will often have some of the best prices and deals available on Knott's Berry Farm, but especially in the case of Costco, tickets aren't always available for purchase. 

Knott's Berry Farm Entrance Sign

Sam's Club however does seem to regularly have tickets in stock and available to purchase. 

Authorized Discount Ticket Sellers are also another great option to purchase your tickets online and save some money along the way. You can purchase Knott's Berry Farm Tickets directly from us at Theme Park Center and have your tickets delivered straight to your email inbox! 

Authorized Discount Ticket Sellers are a quick and easy way to purchase tickets online and often have great deals on Knott's Berry Farm tickets that can rival the prices of Costco and Sam's Club.

If you prefer to buy your tickets directly from Knott's Berry Farm then we recommend doing so online. Knott's Berry Farm tickets are cheaper when purchased online as opposed to the prices at the front gate!

Are Knott's Tickets Refundable?

Knott's Berry Farm tickets are not refundable except in very, very rare circumstances

If you purchase a Knott's Berry Farm ticket you should be prepared to use it and not expect to receive a refund if you change your mind.

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Theme parks in general have some of the most strict refund and cancellation policies! Even when bad weather forces Knott's Berry Farm to keep their doors closed for an entire day they'll extend the amount of time your ticket is valid for instead of offering refunds.  

If something happens and you're unable to use your Knott's Berry Farm ticket as planned then you may be able to exchange your ticket for use on a different day, but even this is subject to approval by Knott's first.

Can I Buy Knott's Tickets For Someone Else?

It's very common for one person to buy theme park tickets on behalf of their family or group of friends. 

Knott's Berry Farm will allow you to purchase tickets for your friends or family without any issues. Whether this is as a gift or if they'll pay you back for the purchase you'll be fine to purchase on their behalf. 

However, there are two caveats to this:

  1. Tickets can only be given to someone else if they are unused
  2. You may not resell your Knott's Berry Farm tickets

After a ticket has been scanned at the front entrance of Knott's Berry Farm they can't be handed off to someone else. Your photo will be taken when you use the ticket, so whomever's photo is attached to the ticket must use the ticket for the entire day. 

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Additionally, Knott's Berry Farm tickets can't be resold under any circumstance.

Whether the ticket has been used or not you aren't allowed to resell them - Knott's takes this rule very seriously and if you're caught doing so the ticket can be confiscated and in extreme circumstances, you could be banned from Knott's Berry Farm. 

Season Pass vs Standard Tickets

Season Passes take the place of multi-day tickets at Knott's Berry Farm. You essentially only have the option of buying a ticket for one day or getting a Season Pass at Knott's.

There are no options for a two or three-day ticket like you'll see at Universal Studios or Disneyland. 

Timber Mountain Log Flume Ride Incline

The cheapest Season Pass at Knott's Berry Farm costs a little bit less than what you'd pay for two Knott's Berry Farm tickets, so it does make sense to upgrade to a Season Pass if you'd like to visit more than once. 

There are three different Season Pass options with different perks and validity dates to consider, so check out our detailed guide on Knott's Berry Farm Season Passes to help you determine which pass is right for you! 

How To Save Money On Knott's Berry Farm Tickets!

Going to theme parks is expensive and Knott's Berry Farm is no exception!

Below are some of the best ways to save money on Knott's Berry Farm tickets:

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BUY TICKETS ONLINE: Whether you're buying directly from Knott's Berry Farm or an Authorized Knott's Ticket Seller, purchasing your tickets online will typically save you some money. You get a bit of a better deal (anywhere from $3-10 per person) when you plan and purchase your tickets online! 

VISIT DURING THE OFF-SEASON: The "off-season" is going to be the slowest times of the year to travel such as in the winter after New Year's or after the summer travel season in late September, October, and some of November. Knott's Berry Farm tickets are cheaper during this time of year, especially on weekdays, and often have various deals and special offers running. 

USE A SENIOR OR MILITARY DISCOUNT: Over the age of 65 or are you an active duty/retired military service member? Then Knott's Berry Farm has special pricing on their tickets just for you! 

LOOK FOR AUTHORIZED TICKET SELLERS: Knott's Authorized Ticket Sellers are businesses that are allowed to sell Knott's tickets on their behalf. These businesses are usually given different discounts and deals on tickets than what you'd find at Knott's. Some authorized ticket sellers have included: Costco, Sam's Club, Ralph's Grocery Stores, aRes Travel, and Theme Park Center (us!). 

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Knott's Berry Farm Tickets?

The best place to buy Knott's Berry Farm tickets is going to depend on your specific situation. 

We've listed some of the most common needs during the vacation planning experience below and where the best place to buy from might be for the situation!


  • Costco, Sam's Club and other authorized Knott's Berry Farm ticket sellers are going to be where you most often find the best prices and deals.


  • Purchasing online directly from Knott's Berry Farm is going to be the best way to go here!


  • Most authorized Knott's Berry Farm ticket sellers will be able to sell you a parking pass and All-Day Dining, but we'd still suggest heading directly to Knott's to purchase these.



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