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What is the Knott's Berry Farm Bag Policy? | Easily Explained

Every theme park has its own rules of what you can or can't bring, and it can get a little overwhelming trying to figure it out while also trying to plan your vacation.

In this page, we cover exactly what you can and can't bring into Knott's Berry Farm.

    What is the Knott's Berry Farm Bag Policy?

    Visitors are allowed to bring backpacks and bags into the park during the day, however at night during the Knott's Scary Farm event, there is a strict bag policy.

    knotts berry farm bag policy

    During Knott's Scary Farm, the following items are allowed:

    • Clear plastic bags smaller than 12” x 12” x 6” 
    • Non-clear wristlets or clutches no larger than 5”x 8”x 2” 

    If your bag exceeds this size, you may not be granted entry into the event and/or park.

    You must be aware of this especially if you're not driving a car to the park, and are getting dropped off.

    In this case, you'll have nowhere to leave your bags, as lockers aren't an option due to all Knott's lockers being located inside the park.

    Why Was This Rule Implemented?

    For the safety of both guests and park team members,  Knott's Scary Farm takes place at night, which means the park is naturally much darker.

    knotts scary farm

    Knott's Scary Farm is a limited-time event that occurs around the Halloween season featuring Scare Zones, Haunted Houses, shows, and dozens of terrifying monsters strolling around the park. 

    What If I Bring My Bag During the Day and Stay For Scary Farm?

    Do you have to leave the park to put your bag away, and then re-enter the park?

    Typically no, bags brought into the park before the event aren't an issue and may remain in the park with the owner while they're at the park during the entire event.

    However, if your bag is much too big you may be approached by a staff member to put your bag away in a locker.


    Visitors are not able to bring outside food into the park unless they have a special dietary restriction.

    Visitors however can bring unopened or empty water bottles and baby food.

    water bottle at knotts berry farm

    Other than that, no food, snacks, or drinks are allowed to be brought into the Knott's park.

    According to Knott's Berry Farm's FAQ, the below items are acceptable and prohibited at the park:

    Acceptable Items

    • Bottled Water
    • Empty Water Bottles
    • Any food required for medical purposes and medically indicated nutritional supplements
    • Any food required for special dietary needs
    • Baby food/baby formula

    Prohibited Items

    • Glassware or glass containers
    • Open containers or drinks containing alcohol
    • Luggage
    • Coolers
    • Bags With Wheels

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Bring a Fanny Pack on Rides?

    Yes, you're able to wear your fanny pack on almost all Knott's rides, however, Pony Express and HangTime will ask you to remove your fanny pack to ride.

    Luckily, they offer cubbies where you can store your fanny pack during your turn to ride.

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