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Is Six Flags Busy on Halloween? | Easily Explained

Figuring out how busy a park will be during the day(s) that you plan to visit is extremely important, as it can positively or negatively affect your experience.

In this page, we will cover if Six Flags is busy on Halloween.

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Is Six Flags Busy on Halloween?

Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for the park due to the Six Flags Fright Fest. You'll want to ensure that you arrive early before opening, and consider purchasing a Six Flags Flash Pass to spend less times waiting in lines.

is six flags busy on halloween

Best Time to Go to Fright Fest

The best time to go to Six Flags during the Halloween season is on a Sunday, or on a 'school night'. 

Friday's and Saturday's are known for being very busy during this time, as not only families fill up the park, but as do teens.

However, on school nights the crowds are much lighter.

What is Six Flags Fright Fest?

Fright Fest at Six Flags is a limited time event that occurs around the Halloween season featuring rides, haunted houses, scare zones, entertainment, shows, and ghouls prowling the park. 

six flags fright fest

As the sun goes down, the park transforms from Six Flags to Fright Fest.

Is it Included With Admission?

All Fright Fest shows, scare zones, and world-class thrill rides are included with park admission, Memberships and Season Passes.

However, Haunted Houses are an additional cost (Add-on) which are sold separately from your park admission.

You must have park admission and a Haunted House Add-On to visit the haunted houses.

You can find out more information on this in our What is Included in a Fright Fest Ticket guide.


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