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Can They Touch You at Six Flags Fright Fest? | Easily Explained

Fright Fest is a fan-favorite event that is heavily anticipated every year due to the unique features in the park, including the scare zones and haunted houses.

But can the scarers touch you at Six Flags Fright Fest?

In this page we will explain, along with the rules around this event, and what you can expect when you walk around the park.

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Can They Touch You at Six Flags Fright Fest?

The scarers are not allowed to touch you during the Fright Fest event. The job of the 'ghoul' is to scare you using several different techniques, but none of them include physical contact.

fright fest

On the other-hand, visitors must also behave appropriately, and must not touch, taunt or yell at the scarers either.

In fact, the most important Ghoul rules can be found below:

  • A ghoul’s job is to scare you—not the reverse. Guests who taunt, touch or yell at ghouls or other guests will be ejected from the park without a refund.
  • Do not touch or remove props, scenery, webbing or landscaping. Damage to park property is cause for ejection without a refund.

What Can You Expect Walking Through Fright Fest?

Scare Zones

You can expect a darker park, strobes, latex, fog, and many monsters emerging from the darkness to scare you as you walk through their zone.

These zones are popular in all theme parks around Halloween season, as it's very unpredictable where these monsters will come from, leaving you in constant suspense.

fright fest scare zones

Haunted Houses

If you decide to walk through the Haunted Houses, you can expect these houses to have loud music blaring, to distract your senses.

As you get deeper into the house, you'll realize there are 'scarers' ready to jump out when you least expect it.

So watch out for corners!


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