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Disneyland to Legoland California: What You Need to Know

In this page we will cover everything that you need to know when planning to travel from Disneyland to Legoland California.

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Distance From Disneyland to Legoland

Disneyland is 65.3 miles away from Legoland California, and on average it is about a 1.5 hour drive. Depending on what time of the day you are going, it may be a shorter or longer drive (but plan on it being a longer drive).

When we checked on Google maps at 12 pm (Pacific time), we took the following screenshot and the estimated travel is 2 hours and 6 minutes.

disneyland to legoland california

Is Legoland As Crowded As Disneyland?

Even on their busiest day, Legoland is nowhere near as crowded as Disneyland is on their crowded days. Legoland is a park tailored specifically for children of ages 2-12 and families, while Disneyland has activities and shows available for all age groups.

Is Legoland California Worth it?

Legoland California is absolutely worth it as it is a combination of a theme park, miniature park, and an aquarium that guests from all over the world love traveling to. It features more than 60 rides, 4 roller coasters and 8 water rides in the 128 acre theme park.

legoland california lego

Visitors will want to ensure that they arrive to the park 30 minutes prior to opening, to be able to knock out their favorite rides early in the day.