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How Much Is Parking At Disney World? | How To Save Money!

Parking at Disney World is only getting more expensive, so knowing just what to expect before arriving at the Disney theme parks, hotels and shopping complexes will prevent a lot of sticker shock!

In this guide we've detailed all of the parking fees you can expect to see at Walt Disney World as well as some ways to save money on parking and even score free parking!

Questions We'll Answer About Parking Fees At Walt Disney World:

  • How Much Does Parking Cost At Disney World Theme Parks?
  • How Much Does Parking Cost At Disney Hotels?
  • How Much Does Parking Cost At Disney Springs?
  • Discounts & Deals On Disney World Parking!

 Magic Kingdom Parking Toll Booths

How Much Does Parking Cost At Disney World Theme Parks?

The price you'll pay to park at the Walt Disney World theme parks will depending on what type of vehicle you're driving and if you're fine with Standard Parking or upgrading to Preferred Parking. 

Standard Parking, which is the most common parking option at Disney World for cars, motorcycles and SUVs is currently $30 per vehicle

Oversized Parking, which is for RVs and busses is currently $35 per vehicle.

Disney World Preferred Parking Hangtag

Preferred Parking is another, more premium option, which allows you to park in spots closest to the front entrance of each theme park.

Preferred Parking will cost you between $40, $50 or $55 per vehicle depending on what time of year you're visiting (with weekends and holidays being towards the more expensive end of this range). 

If you're thinking about upgrading to Preferred Parking we recommend checking out our Preferred Parking at Walt Disney World Guide beforehand to see if it'll be worth the added cost for you. 

While parking at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios has a standard parking fee of $30 per vehicle, the two Disney water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are free to park at! 

Handicap and Standard Parking Signs at EPCOT

How Much Does Parking Cost At Disney Hotels?

Beginning in January of 2023, standard overnight parking at all Disney hotels is complimentary!

While standard overnight parking is free you will have to pay a fee if you opt for valet parking which is $33 per night

Disney's "BoardWalk" Sign and Staircase

Valet Parking is not available at all Disney hotels and is limited to the Disney Deluxe class of hotels, Disney Deluxe Villas and at Coronado Springs. 

When you arrive at the security gates of your hotel you can ask if valet parking is being offered during your stay. 

How Much Does Parking Cost At Disney Springs?

Disney Springs is another location on Disney property where parking is complimentary!

Minnie Parking Sign

Parking at Disney Springs isn't as straightforward as parking at the Disney theme parks or hotels, so we recommend checking out our Disney Springs Parking Guide to understand what your options are and where the best places to park are!

Discounts & Deals On Disney World Parking!

As of now there are very limited discounts and special offers on Walt Disney World parking. 

The best deals right now are given to Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests and Annual Passholders who receive free parking at all of the theme parks

If you'll be visiting Disney World multiple times throughout the year then we recommend running the numbers to see if it makes sense for at least one person in your group to get an annual pass. 

Only one person in your vehicle needs to have an annual pass in order to be eligible for free parking even if everyone else only has a single or multi-day ticket!

If any new special offers on parking at Disney World come up we'll be sure to update this section of the guide!



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