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5 Ways To Get Free Parking At Disney World | Simply Explained

Parking at Walt Disney World is only getting more expensive with some parking options stretching over $45 per day, so finding ways to get free parking can be a huge money saver.

Our Free Parking at Disney World Guide details the five best ways to get complimentary parking at Walt Disney World!

Magic Kingdom parking Entrance


There are no guarantees with this one, but the parking toll booths are typically unattended 90-60 minutes before the scheduled closing of a Walt Disney World theme park. 

Arriving late in the evening at a Walt Disney World theme park you'll usually be greeted by a "Continue To Your Destination" sign at the toll booths instructing you to pass through without paying. 

Parking Booth at Disney's Hollywood Studios

When there are no Disney cast members inside the toll booths you are allowed to pass through without paying the parking fees.

If you're arriving at a Disney World theme park late in the day as the first part of your vacation then you may be in for a pleasant surprise when you won't need to pay for parking.

It may also be worth it to hold out an extra few minutes if it means not needing to pay for parking!

There's no consistent schedule as to when the toll booths go unattended, but we've even seen the toll booths go empty 2 hours before the theme park's closing time. 90 - 60 minutes before closing seems to be most common though - especially during the busier times of the year. 


If you make a dining reservation at one of the restaurants at a Disney hotel then you'll be able to park on the hotel grounds free of charge. 

From the Disney hotels, you'll have access to free bus transportation to any Walt Disney World theme park or even Skyliner or Monorail transportation to the parks.

Disney Skyliner Station

You'll need to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner while at Walt Disney World anyways, so why not do so at one of the hotels and get free parking and transportation to the theme parks as well. 

The food might be a bit more expensive at the hotels, but we find the quality to typically be superior to that of the food in the parks. 

Note that this only works for Walt Disney World hotels - having a dining reservation for a restaurant at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom or EPCOT will not get you free parking at that theme park.


Staying at a Walt Disney World hotel will also get you complimentary parking throughout your stay.

While you have access to great transportation options when staying at a Disney World hotel, you may find it sometimes more convenient to use your vehicle to get around.

Disney Hotel Transportation Options List On A Sign

Beginning the day you check in to your hotel and lasting through your check-out day, you simply need to tell the cast members at the theme park toll booths that you're staying on the property to receive complimentary parking. 

Cast members will be able to look up your reservation or scan your MagicBand to confirm your valid reservation then you'll soon be on your way through the toll booths for free!


disney world annual pass

A great perk of having a Walt Disney World annual pass is free parking.

If you'll be visiting Disney World multiple times throughout the year then it may be worth it to upgrade to an annual pass. 

We recommend running the numbers here to see if it makes sense for you depending on how many visits you have planned.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Parking Entrance

It may be worth the upgrade just in order to get free parking. A little-known tip is only one person in your vehicle needs to have an annual pass for the entire vehicle to get complimentary parking.

No matter if you're traveling in a van with six other people and only one person has an annual pass, the vehicle will be allowed to pass through the Walt Disney World theme park toll booths for free!!


If you don't mind taking a bus to Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Magic Kingdom, then parking at Disney Springs is a great way to get free parking. 

Parking at Disney Springs is always free unless you opt for valet parking!

While parking at one of the garages, walking to the busses, riding a bus to a Disney hotel, and then taking another bus to a Walt Disney World theme park may take a bit of time, it's a very simple way to avoid paying for parking. 

Disney Springs does not have direct transportation to any theme park so you'll need to take a bus to a hotel first!

You'll find busses to every Disney hotel at Disney Springs which you need to take first before riding a bus from the hotel to the theme park, so as long as you're okay with bus transportation you'll be able to get just about everywhere on Disney property for free when parking at Disney Springs. 


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