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Magic Kingdom Guide: Where To Park? | Tips & Best Spots

Magic Kingdom has more parking options than any other theme park at Walt Disney World, leaving you with quite a few options to choose from when planning a visit.

Our Magic Kingdom Parking Guide will detail where you can park when visiting Magic Kingdom, as well as our suggestions and favorite spots to park! 

Where Can You Park For Magic Kingdom?

  • Transportation & Ticket Center
  • Other Walt Disney World Theme Parks
  • Resort Hotels


Monorail from Magic Kingdom to Contemporary Resort

Transportation & Ticket Center

The most popular and closest place to park for Magic Kingdom is the Transportation & Ticket Center

The route to the Ticket & Transportation Center is straightforward as you'll follow all posted signage and directions for Magic Kingdom to arrive at the Ticket & Transportation Center. 

Once you arrive at the Ticket & Transportation Center you'll have the option to choose between standard or Preferred Parking and then follow Disney cast members to the next available parking space. 

"Welcome to Magic Kingdom" Sign


From the Transportation & Ticket Center, you'll need to take the monorail or ferryboat to arrive at the front gates of Magic Kingdom.

There is no parking available right at the gates of Magic Kingdom - the Ticket & Transportation Center is the Magic Kingdom parking lot. 

It's also useful to know that the Transportation & Ticket Center is one of the earliest parking lots to open for access to the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Parking Toll Booths


Parking at EPCOT is another great option if you plan to visit Magic Kingdom, especially if you plan to park hop. 

What makes EPCOT stand out from the other Walt Disney World theme parks when it comes to Magic Kingdom is that EPCOT is connected to the Ticket & Transportation Center via monorail.

Monorail Sign at EPCOT to Magic Kingdom Parking


The EPCOT monorail allows you to directly travel to the Ticket & Transportation Center and then grab another monorail or ferryboat to Magic Kingdom.

No extra driving is needed! 

If you plan to park hop between EPCOT and Magic Kingdom then we suggest leaving your car at EPCOT as the parking lot is a bit smaller and easier to navigate. 

Disney Bus driving to Magic Kingdom Parking


If you're going to end the day at Magic Kingdom instead of EPCOT then we recommend parking at the Ticket & Transportation Center (Magic Kingdom's parking lot). 

It will be much easier to access your car after a long day (no need to switch monorails) and you don't have to worry about monorail service to EPCOT ending if Magic Kingdom is open much later than EPCOT. 

Other Walt Disney World Theme Parks

You can also park at any of the other Walt Disney World theme parks to get to Magic Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and the waterparks all have bus transportation to Magic Kingdom which picks up guests about every 10-15 minutes. 

The best part about this is you'll be dropped off right at the Magic Kingdom bus loop and you won't need to stop at the Ticket & Transportation Center like you would if you were driving. 

Similar to our EPCOT recommendation, we'd suggest only doing this if you're going to go to Magic Kingdom first and then return to one of the other theme parks. 

Disney Transportation Bus Stop


Waiting for a bus at night and then walking to your car is often much more exhausting than jumping on the monorail and heading straight to your car after a long day. 

You also won't have to worry about bus service to any of these other theme parks ending if Magic Kingdom is open much later than the other parks. 

Resort Hotels

Keeping your car at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel is another alternative parking option for Magic Kingdom.

Keep in mind that you can only park at a Disney hotel if you have a hotel reservation on the property, otherwise, you will not be allowed in unless you have a dining reservation. 

Every hotel on Disney property has transportation to Magic Kingdom in some way.

Polynesian Village, Grand Floridian, and Contemporary are all connected to Magic Kingdom via a walking path and transportation by monorail. 

All other hotels at Disney have bus service directly to the Magic Kingdom which allows you to bypass the Ticket & Transportation Center.

If you're staying on Walt Disney World property then taking transportation from your resort hotel directly to Magic Kingdom is a fantastic alternative to driving your car and parking at the Ticket & Transportation Center. 



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