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Halloween Horror Nights Costume Policy | Guide & Tips

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the most decked out, highly themed Halloween experiences in the entire world. 

With dozens of themed mazes, scarezones, and hundreds of different costumes worn by Universal employees, it's easy to wonder if you can dress up and show off your Halloween Costume at the event.

We're here to break down what is and isn't allowed when it comes to wearing costumes at Halloween Horror Nights!

    Halloween Horror Nights Costume

    Halloween Horror Nights Adult Costume Policy

    Full costumes with masks are not permitted at Halloween Horror Nights, however, there are other ways to wear your Halloween spirit.

    You are allowed to wear Halloween-themed shirts, dresses, pants, and shoes to Halloween Horror nights, but you cannot wear anything that resembles a full costume.

    TIP: Costume masks are strictly prohibited, though you are allowed to wear medical masks.

    The best thing to keep in mind here is that if you could easily be mistaken as someone who is not yourself, or someone of a specific profession, because of your clothing, then it's best not to wear it to Halloween Horror Nights.

    Halloween horror nights zombies dancing

    This is done for the safety of everyone at the event.

    It's confusing for both Universal employees and fellow guests to determine who is actually an actor/Universal employee if everyone is in costume.

    The easiest way to avoid this problem is to restrict costume-wearing by guests.

    Face makeup also needs to be done with this policy in consideration.

    Clown with Fire in the background

    Do not style your makeup in a way that may get you mistaken for a Halloween Horror Nights actor.

    Universal is a bit more lenient on heavy makeup during the event compared to their costume policy, but it's best to be careful about how your makeup is styled.

    For more advice on what you should consider wearing to Halloween Horror Nights, as well as our top HHN wardrobe do's and don'ts, check out our Halloween Horror Nights What To Wear Guide

    Halloween Horror Nights Man With Pumpkin head

    Halloween Horror Nights Kids Costume Policy

    The kid's (under 18) costume policy is very similar to the adult costume policy. 

    You also might be wondering what age is appropriate to bring your kid to Halloween Horror Nights.

    Our recommendation is 14 - 15 as the minimum age, but Universal does not have an age restriction for the event

    wolfman, dracula, mummy featured as HHN legends

    Kids also cannot wear any sort of costumes or masks when attending Halloween Horror Nights.

    While Universal would love you to celebrate Halloween with them, this is again done for the safety and security of Universal employees and guests. 

    TIP: We also recommend that children leave their Harry Potter robes and wands at home. While these items are allowed into the park during normal operating errors, Universal has been more restrictive about allowing these items into the park during Halloween Horror Nights.  

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