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What Theme Park Is Halloween Horror Nights At? | Current, Past & Future!

Halloween Horror Nights is one of the most popular Halloween events in the world which has taken place at multiple multiple theme parks throughout its history.

In this guide we’ll detail where Halloween Horror Nights currently takes place as well as some history into where it’s previously taken place and a look into the future of Halloween Horror Nights!

 Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

What Theme Park Is Halloween Horror Nights At?

Halloween Horror Nights is currently held at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Halloween Horror Nights is a separately ticketed event at both theme parks that is not included in a regular day admission ticket. 

You’ll need to purchase a separate ticket specifically for Halloween Horror Nights if you’re hoping to attend the event!

What Theme Parks Were  Halloween Horror Nights Previously At?

Halloween Horror Nights has always been at Universal Studios Hollywood in California, but in Florida the event has actually been held at Islands of Adventure in prior years.

Two scared women at Halloween Horror Nights

Though Halloween Horror Nights originated at Universal Studios Florida, but took place at Islands of Adventure from 2002 - 2005, including in 2004 when the event took place at both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!

In 2005 Halloween Horror Nights truly embraced the fantasy and mythical elements of Islands of Adventure with the introduction of the Terra Queen and her winged monsters resembling dragons, demons and other evil magic. Outside of the 2005 event, Halloween Horror Nights largely maintained themes that would fit at either theme park.

The video below from the 2005 Halloween Horror Nights event gives us a look at what the event has to offer at Islands of Adventure!

Where Will Halloween Horror Nights Be Held In The Future?

Halloween Horror Nights in California will remain at Universal Studios Hollywood for years to come as there isn’t another Universal park to relocate to or expand into.

However, we’d like to speculate that Halloween Horror Nights in Florida might be looking at a new home in the recent future. The event continues to grow in popularity, selling out many nights each year despite adding new haunted mazes and attractions. Universal Studios Florida might simply be running out of room for the event!

Alien and zombie at Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Hollywood

We wouldn’t be surprised to see the event expand back into Islands of Adventure AND Universal Studios in the next couple of years. Expanding into both parks means more than double the usual HHN space as Islands of Adventure is a larger park than Universal Studios.

If this expansion pans out the way we think it will then guests can expect more haunted mazes and scarezones than ever before as Universal will capitalize on a more popular event than ever with more space than ever to play with!