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Halloween Horror Nights Mask Policy | 2023 Guide & Tips

With Halloween Horror Nights being of the most well themed and terrifying Halloween events in the country, you might consider wearing a mask when you attend the event. 

In this guide we'll dive into the Halloween Horror Nights mask policy as it applies to adults and children as well as costume masks and medical masks. 

Questions We'll Answer About Masks At Halloween Horror Nights:

  • What Is The Halloween Horror Nights Costume Mask Policy?
  • What Is The Halloween Horror Nights Medical Mask Policy?

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Halloween Horror Nights Costume Mask Policy

Universal Parks have a very strict costume mask policy for both adults and children.

Absolutely no costume masks are allowed at Halloween Horror Nights events. This policy is in place for both children and adults with no exceptions allowed.

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Universal takes this policy very seriously and you will be asked to leave your mask at security or return it to your vehicle if you are found with one.

If you try to sneak in a costume mask you will likely face confiscation if you are caught wearing the mask inside the park. 

We do not recommend trying to bring a costume mask into Halloween Horror Nights under any circumstances.

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Even if you don't plan to wear the mask during the event you will likely face issues with just having it in your possession. 

Remember, this policy isn't to ruin the fun, but to protect Halloween Horror Nights employees and fellow guests.

If everyone were allowed to wear masks then it would be nearly impossible to differentiate between who is an employee and who is a guest.

Zombies at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

TIP: Costumes are not allowed into Halloween Horror Nights either even if you aren't going to be wearing a mask.

Halloween Horror Nights Medical Mask Policy

As opposed to costume masks, medical masks are allowed at Halloween Horror Nights.

Medical masks include disposable paper masks, cloth masks and NIOSH-approved respirators.

Masks should be designed to cover the mouth and nose, but not the entire face or to the extent that the mask may impair your vision.

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While Universal typically allows most medical masks into Halloween Horror Nights, approval of these masks are at their discretion, but there shouldn't be any issues wearing a medical mask to the event.  

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