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What To Wear To Halloween Horror Nights | Our Do's & Don'ts

Halloween isn't Halloween without being able to dress up in costumes and masks, however, things are a little different at Halloween Horror Nights when it comes to what you should wear.

Our Halloween Horror Nights Wardrobe Guide details what you should and shouldn't consider wearing on your night to Halloween Horror Nights, as well as some of our favorite HHN clothing do's and don'ts! 

Questions We'll Answer About What To Wear At Halloween Horror Nights:

  • Does Halloween Horror Nights Allow Costumes And Masks?
  • What Are You Not Allowed To Wear At Halloween Horror Nights?
  • What Should You Wear To Halloween Horror Nights?
  • Halloween Horror Nights Clothing Do's and Donts!

 Halloween Horror Nights Sign

Does Halloween Horror Nights Allow Costumes And Masks?

Costumes and masks are not allowed at Halloween Horror Nights!

Medical masks are allowed, but you cannot wear a mask that covers your entire face or changes your appearance in any way. 

This is for your safety as well as the safety of Halloween Horror Nights employees so you can be identified in the case of an emergency.

Costumes are also not allowed as you may be mistaken for a Halloween Horror Nights employee which will not only confuse guests but actual Halloween Horror Nights employees as well! 

Alien Creature At Halloween Horror Nights

While costumes are not allowed, you are free to wear Halloween-themed clothing that can be inspired by your favorite movies or characters.

Keep in mind that Universal takes these rules very seriously and they have final discretion on what is and isn't allowed to be worn into the parks, so we don't recommend trying to get around these rules in any way! 

Wearing normal clothes into Halloween Horror Nights and then changing into a costume or mask once inside the park is a big mistake and will likely have you immediately removed from Universal Studios' property.

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What Are You Not Allowed To Wear At Halloween Horror Nights?

As mentioned in the previous section, costumes and masks (unless medical masks) are not allowed to be worn during Halloween Horror Nights.

At the most basic level, all guests must be fully clothed including shirts and shoes.

Even though Halloween Horror Nights is a more mature event, clothing must be "family-friendly" and cannot expose an excessive amount of skin. Universal has final discretion on what is or isn't considered family-friendly and if an excessive amount of skin is being shown.

Spooky Atmosphere at Halloween Horror Nights

You also shouldn't wear any clothes that represent you as emergency personnel which means nothing that resembles a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic.

Clothing with coarse language or any images of something Universal employees consider "disturbing" also won't be allowed into Halloween Horror Nights. 

This policy also includes clothing with offensive language or imagery or promotes other guests to cause a disturbance or act in a way that may harm others. This is also another zero-tolerance policy with no flexibility.

If an article of clothing contains messaging that attempts to incite violence or any sort of disturbance then you can expect Universal to show no flexibility in allowing you to wear it. 

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What Should You Wear To Halloween Horror Nights?

Now that we covered what you can't wear to Halloween Horror Nights - let's talk about what you should wear!

First, comfortable shoes are a must! 

You'll be on your feet for hours waiting in line and walking through haunted houses, so you might find yourself spending more time on your feet than you would on a normal day at the park since you won't be sitting on rides as often. 

Vampire Hippy Dancing

Feel free to wear black-colored clothing to fit into the spooky Halloween vibes, but if you want to stand out and get scared as often as possible then we recommend changing things up and going with a bright color! 

Many of the queues for haunted houses will be located outdoors, which is different from normal ride queues which are largely indoors.

This means you should take a look at the weather forecast before picking out your outfit to see if you should wear warmer clothes as you'll be spending a lot of time standing outdoors. 

While it doesn't get too cold in Orlando or Hollywood, there are no heaters to help you stay warm in any of the queues in the event there is a cold front that brings in chilly weather!

Halloween Horror Nights Scareactor

Halloween Horror Nights Clothing Do's and Don'ts!

Below is our list of top Halloween Horror Nights clothing do's and don'ts!


  • Don't wear any sort of face covering unless it's for medical or religious reasons
  • Don't wear any costumes - leave them at home!
  • Don't bring any props with you - they'll just become annoying to hold and may not even make it through security
  • Don't wear any articles of clothing with gruesome or gory imagery, even if it's from a Halloween movie
  • Don't wear high-heeled shoes. You'll be standing all night so the high heels will get painful.
  • Don't wear sandals. You'll be in very tight spaces with other people when walking through a haunted house and it's very easy to get your foot stepped on!
  • Don't wear any clothing with spikes or sharp edges even if they're just for aesthetic purposes. It's going to be dangerous to yourself and everyone around you.
  • Don't wear too many chains or long jewelry items as you'll be walking through tight spaces where they may get caught and easily lost.

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  • Wear clothing inspired by your favorite Halloween movies or characters as long as they aren't a full costume.
  • Check the weather before you pick your outfit - you may need to dress warmer or cooler!
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes as you'll be on your feet nonstop, including in the haunted houses.
  • Wear as much black as possible if it's your style - embrace the darkness!
  • Wear brighter colors if you want to get the attention of the actors to scare you more than others.
  • Feel free to wear jewelry, but keep it a minimum as you won't have much luck finding anything that gets lost.
  • Hats are acceptable and can be worn, just not always needed at night!
  • Bring an umbrella or poncho if there's any bit of rain in the forecast. Remember, Halloween Horror Nights takes place largely outside!



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