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Are Groupon Universal Studios Tickets A Good Deal? | Guide & Tips

Groupon is known for its discounts and deals on literally everything, with Universal Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood being no exception!

But with so many options to choosing from when it comes to buy Universal tickets, you might be wondering if Groupon is a good deal.

We're here to breakdown some frequently asked questions about Groupon's Universal tickets as well as assess if their tickets are a good deal!

Questions We'll Answer About Groupon Universal Studios Tickets:

  • Does Groupon Sells Universal Tickets?
  • Are Groupon's Universal Studios Tickets Legitimate? 
  • Can You Refund Groupon's Universal Studios Tickets?
  • Can You Buy Groupon Tickets For Friends Or Family?
  • Are Groupon's Universal Studios Tickets A Good Deal?

 Universal Studios Ticket

Does Groupon Sells Universal Tickets?

Yes! Groupon currently sells tickets to both Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Groupon typically sells Universal Studios tickets as limited time only deals, so if you see something pop up on the Groupon website, we recommend jumping on these deals as fast as possible. 

Groupon's deals on Universal Studios tickets can change very quickly and even sell out, so it's worth acting fast when you see an enticing deal on the Groupon site. 

You can see Groupon's latest and best deals on Universal Studios Florida tickets here and deals for Universal Studios Hollywood here

Universal Studios Hollywood entrance

Are Groupon's Universal Studios Tickets Legitimate? 

Groupon is an Authorized Retailer of Universal Studios tickets, which means the ticket you find on Groupon's site are legitimate and part of an official partnerships with Universal. 

Universal Studios Authorized Retailers are the only places you should be buying your tickets from in addition to directly from Universal Studios. 

Universal Orlando Resort Sign

Universal Studios Authorized Retailers typically have a badge or designation distinguishing their partnerships with Universal.

If you don't see this badge or Authorized Retailer note mentioned anywhere, then STAY AWAY as the tickets being sold might not be legitimate. We always recommend doing your due diligence when purchasing tickets and verifying with Universal if someone is an Authorized Retailer or not.

Groupon's Universal tickets however are legitimate and you don't have to worry about being scammed when purchasing from them!

Islands of Adventure Sign

Can You Refund Groupon's Universal Studios Tickets?

Universal Studios has quite a strict refund policy that applies to any Authorized Retailer you purchase tickets from, including Groupon.

If you purchase tickets from Groupon, don't plan on getting a refund unless you meet one of the very rare circumstances that will allow you to do so

This rule doesn't just apply to Groupon, but ANYWHERE you might by Universal tickets from, including from Universal themselves!

Universal Studios Hollywood Sign

Can You Buy Groupon Tickets For Friends Or Family?

Many people buy tickets to theme parks like Universal Studios for their friends and family to streamline the buying process.

Luckily, you can do this at Groupon! If you need to purchase multiple of tickets on behalf of your friend and family you'll have no issue doing this at Groupon.

After purchasing your tickets you can simply hand them or email them over to whomever you would like!

The one caveat here that is a policy at nearly ever theme park is the ticket must be used by the same person on all days the ticket is valid for. This means once the ticket is used to access Universal Studios, it cannot be given to someone else! 

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Are Groupon's Universal Studios Tickets A Good Deal?

We continuously monitor deals on Universal Studios tickets and have often often found that Groupon has some of the best deals and discounts frequently available. 

While we have seen better deals at retailers like Costco or Sam's Club, Groupon doesn't require have a membership, unlike Costco or Sam's, which makes their tickets more accessible.

It isn't always worth getting a Costco or Sam's Club membership just for Universal tickets, so Groupon does have a big advantage here. 

Groupon is also very quick and easy to purchase Universal tickets from, whereas Costco sometimes requires you to purchase your tickets in-person or as part of vacation package. 

We always recommend doing a bit of shopping around before making your purchase, but Groupon will consistently have some of the best prices on Universal tickets that don't require a wholesale club membership!

You can see Groupon's latest and best deals on Universal Studios Florida tickets here and deals for Universal Studios Hollywood here! 



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