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Are Sam's Club Universal Tickets A Good Deal? | 2024 Guide

Sam's Club is often overshadowed by Costco when it comes to many things, but one place Sam's might have Costco beat is on deals to theme parks like Universal Studios!

We're here to break down everything there is to know about purchasing Universal Studios tickets from Sam's Club, including if it's even a good deal to do so!

Questions We'll Answer About Sam's Club Universal Studios Tickets:

  • Does Sam's Club Currently Sell Tickets To Universal Studios?
  • Can You Buy Universal Studios Tickets From Sam's Club Online?
  • Can You Buy Universal Studios Tickets From Sam's Club For Friends & Family?
  • What Deals And Discounts Are Available on Universal Studios Tickets?
  • Pros & Cons Of Buying Universal Studios Tickets From Sam's Club
  • Is Purchasing Universal Studios Tickets From Sam's Club A Good Deal?


    Universal Orlando Theme Park Ticket 

    Where Can You Find Universal Studios Tickets at Sam's Club?

    Tickets to Universal Studios are typically available at Sam's Club year-round. This includes both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando. 

    This is different from Costco where Universal tickets are usually only sold as part of vacation packages or as standalone tickets during certain times of year. 

    If you want to purchase your Universal Studios tickets from Sam's Club then we recommend doing so online

    Universal Studios Globe

    Purchasing your tickets online from Sam's Club is going to be the easiest and most simple way to get ahold of these tickets as availability is inconsistent in actual Sam's Club stores. 

    Many Sam's Club stores actually never carry physical tickets to Universal Studios and will simply tell you to purchase them online, so we recommend skipping the visit to a Sam's Club entirely and heading straight to their website.  


    Can You Buy Universal Studios Tickets At Sam's Club For Friends & Family?

    It's not uncommon for one person to buy tickets for an entire family or on behalf of a large group of friends to simplify the purchasing process.

    Luckily, you'll have no issues doing this at Sam's Club!

    When buying your Universal Studios tickets online from Sam's Club you'll be able to purchase them for multiple people and will be able to hand them off as needed before visiting the parks.

    Universal Studios Florida Entrance

    Tickets purchased from Sam's Club will typically come in the form of a voucher (which you redeem for physical tickets at Universal Studios' guest services) or an e-ticket. 

    The one thing to keep in mind is a policy you'll find at nearly every theme park - the ticket must be used by the same person on all days the ticket is valid.

    This means once the ticket is used to access Universal Studios, it cannot be given to someone else! 

    Universal Studios Tour Entrance

    What Deals Does Sam's Club Offer on Universal Studios Tickets?

    Sam's Club and Universal Studios offer various deals and discounts throughout the year.

    Below are some of the most common deals we've seen at Sam's Club for Universal Studios tickets.

    Buy 2 Days Get 2 Days Free: Buy a two-day ticket to Universal Studios at Sam's Club and receive two extra days for free. This is essentially a four-day ticket for the price of a two-day ticket! 

    Buy A Day Get A Day: Similar to the "Buy 2 Days Get 2 Days Free" offer, you'll get two days for the price of one with this ticket deal. This offer is much less common than the 2 Days Free offer. 

    Hogwarts Express Train at Hogsmeade Village

    Free Volcano Bay Admission: Volcano Bay admission has been included for free on higher priced ticket options (usually 2 parks for 3+ days).

    Meal Credits: A much less scene offer you may find at Sam's Club is free meals (in the form of a gift card) that come with the purchase of Universal Studios tickets. This is typically only available with tickets including 3+ days of admission or with a Universal vacation package/hotel deal. 

    Pros & Cons Of Buying Universal Studios Tickets At Sam's Club

    Before purchasing Universal Studios from Sam's Club there are a few different pros and cons you should consider before buying. 

    Overall, Sam's Club is a great place to buy your Universal Studios tickets, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when making your final decision. 

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    Sam's Club Has Some Of The Best Deals: Sam's Club's special deals and prices on Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando are some of the best you'll find. We've found more often than not you'll find the best bang for your buck purchasing your Universal tickets from Sam's Club. 

    Tickets Are Available Online: You can purchase your Universal Orlando or Universal Studios Hollywood tickets right from your couch and receive your tickets via email. The convenience of purchasing from Sam's Club is as easy as it gets.


    Tickets Aren't Always Available In Stores: For most folks, this might not matter, but if you're someone who wants physical tickets in your hand after purchasing then you'll need to head to a Sam's Club store, but tickets are hard to find in stock. Most Sam's Clubs don't sell tickets at all and you'll need to purchase your Universal Studios tickets online which can also be especially difficult if you want to pay with cash. 

    A Sam's Club Membership Is Required: The savings on Universal Studios tickets are often worth the membership fee, but it might eat into your savings. Run the numbers before purchasing a Sam's Club membership to see if it's still worth buying your Universal tickets from there. Keep in mind you can find great savings on loads of other products at Sam's too when you have a membership!

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    Is Purchasing Universal Studios Tickets From Sam's Club A Good Deal?

    More often than not, purchasing tickets to Universal Orlando or Universal Studios Hollywood from Sam's Club is going to be a fantastic decision.

    Similarly to Sam's Club's biggest competitor, Costco, you'll consistently find the best deals and discounts on Universal tickets at Sam's. 

    The benefit to purchasing from Sam's over Costco is you'll have a much easier time finding tickets as they're sold year-round, while Universal tickets only appear at Costco every so often. 

    Universal Studios Hollywood Sign

    We still recommend doing a bit of price comparison and shopping around to ensure you're getting the best deal, but Sam's Club will likely have most ticket sellers beat on price.

    Between great prices and the convenience of purchasing your tickets online, it's hard to beat the value Sam's Club brings.

    Even if you don't have a Sam's Club membership, it's likely worth signing up for one if you'll be purchasing tickets for friends and family!



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