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Simba Parking Lot Guide | Everything You Need To Know

The Simba Parking Lot is one of the smaller parking locations at Disneyland which may seem like a great location to leave your car, but comes with numerous little-known considerations to keep in mind.

Our Simba Parking Lot Guide details everything you'll need to know before deciding to park your car there!

Questions We'll Answer About The Simba Parking Lot:

  • Where Is The Simba Parking Lot?
  • What Time Does The Simba Parking Lot Open?
  • Is The Simba Parking Lot Free?
  • How Far Is The Simba Parking Lot From Disneyland?
  • Should You Park At The Simba Lot?

 Simba Lot Sign

Where Is The Simba Parking Lot?

The Simba Parking Lot is located on the southwestmost corner of Disneyland property just north of Katella Avenue between Disneyland Drive and Walnut Street.

To access the Simba Lot, you'll need to be on Disneyland Drive where you'll find an entrance close to the new Pixar Place hotel. Disney will typically have multiple signs directing cars to the lot once you turn onto Disneyland Drive. 

The Simba Lot is also a short walk to the Anaheim Convention Center which is almost directly across the street. 

Simba Parking Lot Location On Map

What Time Does The Simba Parking Lot Open?

The Simba Lot generally opens about 15 minutes before Downtown Disney and the security checkpoints open. 

This means that if Downtown Disney is scheduled to open at 7 AM, then the Simba Lot will likely open at around 6:45 AM. 

Simba Lot

If you arrive too early then you'll either find yourself waiting at the toll booths for Disneyland cast members to finish opening the lot or, if you're able to park your car, you'll be waiting just outside the security checkpoints near The Disneyland Hotel into Downtown Disney.

The Simba Lot is typically the first parking lot on Disneyland property to open because it follows Downtown Disney's operating hours instead of Disneyland or California Adventure's operating hours like the other parking areas.

Simba Lot Dropoff

If your goal is to get into Downtown Disney as early as possible then the Simba Parking Lot will be your best bet in doing so. 

Is The Simba Parking Lot Free?

The Simba Parking Lot is not free and is one of the most expensive places to park at Disneyland if you'll be staying for an extended period (3+ hours).

However, Simba Parking is great for short trips to Downtown Disney and is an especially great deal if you'll be shopping or dining 

You can find a full list of Simba Parking Lot discounts, deals, and parking fees here!

How Far Is The Simba Parking Lot From Disneyland?

The Simba Lot is about a 15-minute walk and .7 miles from the entrances of Disneyland and California Adventure. 

While this may seem like a long walk, it's about the same distance from the parks as the Mickey & Friends and Pixar Pals parking structures are, but the Simba Lot does not have a tram pickup/drop-off like the two parking structures. 

Mickey's Fun Wheel and Incredicoaster Landscape Photo

Keep in mind that the Simba Lot is not designed for those who are planning to visit Disneyland or California Adventure as is meant for guests visiting Downtown Disney. 

The Simba Lot is just steps away from the entrance of Downtown Disney and has discounts on parking fees with shopping or dining purchases for this reason! 

Should You Park At The Simba Lot?

The Simba Parking lot is great, but only if you'll be visiting Downtown Disney and not Disneyland or California Adventure. 

Between the Simba Lot being quite far from the park's entrances and no trams or shuttles, it really doesn't make sense to park here when visiting any of the theme parks. 

Simba Lot Sign Wide Shot

After a long day at Disneyland, you'll be thankful for a shorter walk or access to a shuttle back to your car!

The Simba Lot's proximity to Downtown Disney, as well as ways to save money on parking fees, make it the perfect spot to park when spending a few hours at Downtown Disney.



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