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The Most Unique Snacks at EPCOT | Guide & Favorites

EPCOT is a foodie heaven with endless treats from countries all around the world including some of the most unique snacks you'll ever find all in one place.

In this guide, we'll share some of our favorite unique snacks that are hard to find anywhere in the United States that isn't EPCOT - don't expect to see any Mickey ice cream sandwiches on this list!

Questions We'll Answer About Snacks At EPCOT?

  • What Are The Most Unique Snacks Available At EPCOT?



Katifi at EPCOT


Kataifi is a dessert pastry snack popular in Greek, Turkish and some Middle Eastern countries.

The dessert is typically made with almonds, walnuts and a simple sugary syrup.

The dough is very thin and stringy and when rolled together it can hold the nuts and syrup which gives it a very fun and unique appearance.

Kataifi is very sweet, nutty and absolutely delicious - be prepared for lots of sugar and sweetness!

Not only is Kataifi delicious, it's one the most affordable snacks you can find at EPCOT costing less than $3. 

If you're looking to give Kataifi a try then head to the Morocco pavillion where you'll find it available with a few other tasty snacks like baklava!


Dried Squid 

If you're looking for something a little bit more on the salty side then dried squid might be a unique snack for you to try!

Available in the Japan pavilion, dried squid is usually a salty treat that can also come with added flavorings such as spicy or sweet, but you'll typically find a more classic salty version at EPCOT.

Dried squid has a texture comparable to beef jerky and a flavor profile most closely resembling a salty fish, but overall the flavor is quite unique to dried squid itself.

If you enjoy beef jerky then we would recommend giving dried squid a try the texture and flavor notes are much more similar than you might expect. 

If you're hoping to give the dried squid a try then head to Mitsukoshi at EPCOT and you'll usually find it in stock near the back of the store in the "Marketplace" section along with many other Japanese snacks!


School Bread


Another sweet treat that you can't quite find just anywhere is Norwegian School Bread!

School Bread is quite indulgent, so if you aren't ready for a big sugar rush then you might want to consider something else, but if you're ready for dessert then you'll love School Bread. 

School Bread is a sugar glazed dough, topped with coconut sprinkles and then filled with a vanilla cream or vanilla pudding. 

The version of School Bread at EPCOT is actually a little less sweet than other School Breads we've tried, so it's a great way to sample School Bread, but still be prepared for a sugar blast! 

School Bread is traditionally a lunch time snack in Norway, but it's served throughout the day at EPCOT and always very tasty for an affordable price just under $5. 

If you're craving School Bread then you'll find it at Kringla Bakeri og Cafe just as you enter the Norway pavilion. 


Maple Popcorn

Just as you might expect, Maple Popcorn is a fun twist on your everyday popcorn. 

Maple Popcorn is of course made with a maple syrup glaze that hardens around the popcorn similarly to caramel popcorn.

We find Maple Popcorn to be just as sweet, but not as hard as caramel popcorn might be so bonus points for the Maple Popcorn!

We recommend trying to grab some Maple Popcorn just as it's being made for the best and freshest flavor. 

The only downside to Maple Popcorn is it tends to get stale and lose its great sweet maple flavor quiet quickly when sitting out in the Florida sun. 

Maple Popcorn can be found at the Canada Pavillion near Le Cellier Steakhouse!

Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa Cakes are a popular snack found at grocery stores in the United Kingdom.

Made with a spongy base, Jaffa Cakes are covered with an orange flavored jam and then topped with dark chocolate. 

Jaffa Cakes are actually one of the best selling cakes/biscuits in the United Kingdom and have also grown in popularity in the United States as well, now being available sometimes in the "international" sections of grocery stores.

Jaffa Cakes aren't widely available in the USA, so giving them a try while at EPCOT might be one of the few changes you'll have to try the orangey treat.

The Crown & Crest shop at the United Kingdom pavilion is typically well stocked with Jaffa Cakes!

 Shrimp Chips

Shrimp Chips are a popular snack in many regions of Asian and available at the Japan pavilion in EPCOT.

Shrimp Chips aren't going to resemble an American potato chip in many ways, so be prepared for something entirely different.

These puffed snacks will have a startchy consistency and be slightly on the sweet side with an essence of shrimp flavor. 

Mitsukoshi also carries Shrimp Chips in hot garlic and wasabi flavors at EPCOT, so feel free to get whatever flavor sounds best to you, but we prefer the hot garlic!

Shrimp Chips make for an excellent midday snack as you traverse around World Showcase. 

 Giant Macaroon

These Giant Macaroons at the France Pavilion are filled with fresh raspberries and a lime cream sauce.

If you're a fan of macaroons then these giant versions are going to be something you need to try as they really make the fillings standout with each bite.

The Giant Macaroons are about five regular macaroons all stuffed into one and while it's a bit of an overwhelming treat, it's super fun to try and share with some friends or family.

If you've never had a macaroon before then we would recommend sticking with a normal size macaroon to see if you enjoy the flavors first before committing to one this big as it's a bit over the top compared to your standard macaroon. 


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