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Ultimate EPCOT Countries Guide | Ranked & Reviewed

Exploring the EPCOT World Showcase can easily take an entire day with nearly a dozen countries to visit and with so much to see (and eat) planning ahead is essential.

That's why we've ranked and reviewed each country at EPCOT in this guide to help you decide what countries to enjoy and which to skip.

Topics we'll cover in this EPCOT Countries Guide:

  • All Countries At EPCOT World Showcase
  • EPCOT Country Rankings & Reviews


All Countries At EPCOT World Showcase

There are currently 11 different countries you can visit at EPCOT's World Showcase. 

Below is a list of all countries represented throughout the year at EPCOT: 

  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • China
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • The American Adventure (USA)
  • Japan
  • Morocco
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

NOTE: The "Outpost" is also an area you can visit at the World Showcase, but is not an official country. 

EPCOT Country Rankings & Reviews


France is easily our pick for the best country at EPCOT's World Showcase which can't be missed during a trip to EPCOT. 

France is packed with things to do, including one ride, a show, and five different dining locations as well as various shops.

Chefs de France Dining Room

The food in the France pavilion is some of the best at EPCOT with delicious ice cream, French baked goods, and a fantastic full-service restaurant available as well.

The variety of dining options in France allows you to experience the country regardless of your budget, as well as the flexibility to enjoy the food as a formal, table-service dining experience or quick service spot. 

You'll also find one of the newest rides at EPCOT, Remy's Ratatouille Adventure in the France Pavillion.

The vast amount of shopping, dining, and entertainment options in France make it the best country on our list where it shines in not only the quantity of experiences but also quality. 

Rides: Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

Restaurants: Chefs de France, Monsieur Paul, L'Artisan des Glaces, Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, Le Creperie de Paris



Coming in second on our list of best countries at EPCOT is Mexico.

Mexico is a fan favorite for its tequila bar, delicious margaritas, and unique indoor pavilion which we love escaping to on a hot Florida summer day.

Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

La Cava Del Tequila is one of the most popular spots in all of EPCOT to grab a drink and if you're a tequila lover then you'll need to make a stop here. Not only are the drinks delicious, but Mexico also has a lot of really solid food options as well with two table-service restaurants and one quick-service restaurant.

Our recommendation is to consider the two table service restaurants (San Angel Inn and La Hacienda De San Angel) over the quick-service restaurant which we haven't been too impressed with.

Rides: Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

Restaurants: San Angel Inn, La Hacienda De San Angel, La Cantina De San Angel



Third on our list is the Scandinavian country of Norway!

Norway lands third on our list for being the final country outside of Mexico and France to have a ride at EPCOT along with other great food options.

Norwegian Building at EPCOT

The food in Norway isn't outstanding, but we've thoroughly enjoyed all of the pastries and sweets available at Kringla Bakeri. We think Norway is better for a quick snack rather than a full meal.

Norway also has the only princess dining experience at EPCOT with Akershus Banquet Hall, but this location is more about the opportunity to meet and take photos with all of the princesses, as opposed to the actual quality of the food. 

Frozen Ever After is also an incredibly popular and fun attraction that helps place Norway third on our list of best countries at EPCOT!

Rides: Frozen Ever After

Restaurants: Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall



Next up is Japan which lands in fourth place for its massive shopping options and three solid restaurants. 

Teppan Edo, Kabuki Grill, and Katura Grill are all solid restaurant choices that may not be the best Japanese food you've ever had, but still lots of flavorful menu options to choose from. You'll also find a little bit for everyone at these restaurants from ramen to sushi to chicken katsu. 

Japanese Building at EPCOT

In addition to food, you won't be short on drink and beverage options here either with a full saki bar to order from. 

The magic in the Japan pavilion extends beyond the dining options and into the very beautifully designed structures and a traditional torii gate, which feel straight out of Japan. 

The shopping in Japan is also some of the most extensive that you'll find anywhere in the World Showcase. 

Rides: None

Restaurants: Katura Grill, Teppan Edo, Kabuki Cafe



Next up is the United States, formally known as The American Adventure Pavilion.

The American Adventure pavilion is themed to colonial America and feels very influenced by the cities of Philadelphia and Boston.

Sadly, the food at The American Adventure pavilion is a bit lackluster and we've constantly found the portions at Regal Eagle Smokehouse to be small for the price you're paying. While a barbecue restaurant sounds delicious, we've had varying experiences with the quality. 

However, the pavilion makes up the ground a bit with The American Adventure show and walkthrough museum which are great attractions and elevate the pavilion. While some may find the show a bit slow and boring, it resonates very well with older audiences. 

Rides: None, but there is a great show which shares the name of the pavilion, The American Adventure

Restaurants: Regal Eagle Smokehouse Craft Drafts & Barbecue, Fife & Drum Tavern


Coming in at 6th place is China, which is most known for its always-popular boba tea and quick-service food options. 

China also has a massive shopping area similar to what you'll find in Japan, but China also has the Reflections of China show, which is a great way to see a very high-level overview of the country. 

China Pavilion at EPCOT

Nine Dragons is a great, mid-priced restaurant that serves more elevated Chinese dishes as well as some unique food options a bit more true to what's served in China. Lotus Blossom Cafe is also a good choice for a quick bit to eat, but nothing special, and a clear step down from Nine Dragons. 

Rides: None, but there is the Reflections of China circle-vision show

Restaurants: Nine Dragons, Lotus Blossom Cafe



Perhaps our most controversial pick here is Italy at 7th.

While the Italy pavilion is beautiful and has multiple food options, we find most of the menu items to be overpriced and especially lackluster for the price you'll be paying. We wish there were some more affordable dining options in Italy or an improvement in the food quality. 

Italy's charm is mostly in the pavilion itself which is very fun to explore, but outside of the multiple restaurants, there isn't too much to do here.

We wish Disney could invest a bit more in this pavilion to be a better representation of Italy.  

Rides: None

Restaurants: Tutto Italia Ristorante, Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar, Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria, Gelateria Toscana



While we've ranked Germany 8th, which seems a bit low, it's still a great pavilion - there just isn't much to do! 

Germany only has one major dining option which is a fun, but pricey, buffet, and Biergarten is a small counter-service option largely serving bratwurst. 

German Pavilion at EPCOT

Karamell-Kuche is extremely popular and has some of the best candies in all of EPCOT, but it doesn't make up for the lack of things to do in Germany.

While all the offerings in Germany are solid choices, the area itself is quite small and could benefit from some more dining options and a bit more to do. 

Rides: None

Restaurants: Karamell-Kuche, Biergarten Resaurant, Sommerfest



Coming in at 9th place is Morocco, which is a great pavilion with a lot of potential.

The shining star of Morocco is Spice Road Table, which has some incredible food at a fair price despite some small portions. The flavors here really make up for the price point and small portions.

Tangerine Cafe is a bit inconsistent in terms of quality and we haven't been impressed with the food there in our last few trips and would recommend looking elsewhere to dine.

Baklava from Morocco at EPCOT

However, Oasis Sweets & Sips has some truly incredible desserts. If you're a fan of baklava or other middle eastern sweets then you can't miss Oasis. It's one of our favorite spots to grab a quick treat!

Morocco is another massive pavilion with tons to explore, we just wish there was a bit more to do as much of the area is empty and improvements were made to the food quality. 

Rides: None

Restaurants: Tangerine Cafe, Oasis Sweets & Sips, Spice Road Table




Second, to last on our list is the United Kingdom.

While it's a fun pavilion to explore, the United Kingdom doesn't impress at all when it comes to food as we find the Rose & Crown to be extremely overpriced. It's a memorable spot to have some drinks, but the food is largely forgettable and not budget-friendly.

Yorkshire Fish Shop is a much better value and we do recommend stopping over there if you're craving fish and chips. 

The United Kingdom has quite a few shopping options which are entertaining to browse around, but we don't think it makes up for the lackluster food. 

Rides: None

Restaurants: Rose & Crown, Yorkshire County Fish Shop



Last on our list is Canada.

While Canada is home to the famous Le Cellier Steakhouse there isn't much more to do in Canada. Le Cellier is great for a very premium dinner experience, but Canada lacks dining options for more budget-conscious travelers or those just looking for a quick meal. 

The area is a bit small and while there is a recreation of the Niagra Falls, as well as the Canada Far and Wide Circlevision Show, these experiences feel a bit flat compared to everything else you can experience throughout EPCOT. 

Rides: None, but there is the Canada Far and Wide Circlevision Show

Restaurants: Le Cellier Steakhouse



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