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Is San Angel Inn at EPCOT Worth It? | Guide, Reviews & Tips!

San Angel Inn is a Disney favorite restaurant featuring a variety of Mexican food set inside the Mexico pavilion and alongside the Gran Fiesta Tour ride.

While San Angel Inn provides guests a unique dining experience because of it's special location, the high price tag leaves many to wonder if the San Angel Inn is worth the expense.

In this guide we'll detail all there is to know about the San Angel Inn at EPCOT including our review, helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Our San Angel Inn Review:

  • Atmosphere & Ambience
  • Best Things To Eat at San Angel Inn!
  • Is San Angel Inn Worth It?
  • Dining & Reservation Tips
  • Hacienda de San Angel vs San Angel Inn
  • Frequently Asked Questions About San Angel Inn


San Angel Inn Interior

Atmosphere & Ambience

The atmosphere at San Angel Inn Restaurante is extremely unique and unlike anything else you'll find at Walt Disney World.

The restaurant is set alongside the Gran Fiesta Tour Ride and is one of the only rides at Disney World that actually takes place "in" a ride scene. 

Not only is the restaurant located alongside a ride, a towering Mayan Pyramid amind looms over the tables in a totally controlled indoor environment simulating a late evening in Mexico - complete a volcano erupting in the distance! 

San Angel Inn Table Setup


There really isn't anywhere else where you can feel like you're eating smack in the middle of Mexico, alongside a river and Mayan Pyramid especially with air conditioning!

The atmosphere and ambience of San Angel Inn is truly unique and a huge reason many choose to dine there! 

Best Things To Eat at San Angel Inn!

For appetizers the Guacamole and Tostadas De Pollo are some of our favorite options. 

The tostadas are crispy corn tortillas topped with chicken, queso fresco and Mexican crema. If you're looking for some protein with your appetizer this is a great choice as most of the appetizers at San Angel Inn are lacking in protein.

The guacamole is another one of our favorites and a great shareable option even for 3-4 people.

Guacamole at San Angel Inn

The guacamole is actually served with chicharrones (fried pork skin) and not tortillas, so if you're looking for something more along the lines of chips and dip then consider ordering the Totopos Con Queso. 

Moving on to entrees we recommend the Enchilladas de Pollo and Tacos de Ribeye. 

The Enchilladas de Pollo (pictured below) is quite heavy on the cheese and sauce, but tastes incredibly fresh and if you don't mind the heavy toppings then you'll definitely love these enchilladas!

Is San Angel Inn Restaurante Worth It?

If you're looking for good quality food, but more importantly a very special dining experience in an environment you really can't find anywhere else then San Angel Inn is worth the price. 

As with many things at Walt Disney World you're paying a premium for the quality of food you're getting and this is especially true at San Angel Inn.

While the food quality is great, there are many places you can get even better Mexican food for a fraction of the price, but again, the atmosphere is hard to replicate.

For couples and families alike we think San Angel Inn Restaurante is great for those looking to dine in a truly unique environment and don't mind spending a little extra money to do so.

It's certainly worth doing at least once!

Dining & Reservation Tips

San Angel Inn Restaurante is a very popular dining location at Walt Disney World, so we recommend you start looking for reservations about 30 days in advance of your visit to get the best reservation and time. 

There are often reservations available about 14 days out as well, but at typically less desirable times. If you're flexible with your dining time and aren't traveling with a large party then you will often have luck finding a reservation 14 days out. 

Within 14 days of your visit to EPCOT you'll typically find the worst availability and sometimes no reservation availability at all. 

San Angel Inn view from Gran Fiest Tour Ride

You might be able to find some last minute cancellations come up, but you're going to have to be very flexible in regards to the timing of your reservation. 

Be sure to check the Walt Disney World mobile app often to see what reservations times are available! 

Hacienda de San Angel vs San Angel Inn

There is one main difference between Hacienda de San Angel and San Angel Inn is the atmosphere.

Hacienda de San Angel feels much more like your typical restaurant with Mexican themeing, while San Angel Inn Restaurante actually feels like you're dining somewhere in Mexico.

Hacienda De San Angel does have a terrific view of World Showcase Lagoon which means fireworks can be seen if your in the restaurant when the show begins and you're seated close to a window.  

We find San Angel Inn to be a more unique dining reservation and would suggest picking it over Hacidena de San Angel if given the option unless you're trying to snag a reservation around fireworks time. 

Frequently Asked Questions About San Angel Inn

What Ride Goes By San Angel Inn Restaurante?

The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros boat ride passes by the San Angel Inn Restaurant at EPCOT.

If your table is located along the river you'll see dozens of boats float along throughout the evening. San Angel Inn is one of the only restaurants at Walt Disney World that sits you right in the middle of a ride scene!  

How Many People Does San Angel Inn Hold?

We estimate San Angel Inn holds about 125 people. 

What Time Should I Get A Reservation To See Fireworks?

If you're planning to see the fireworks which typically occur at 9PM at EPCOT then you'll want to make your reservation no later than 7PM or two hours before fireworks are scheduled to occur.

While your dining experience won't necessarily take two hours we recommend being safe and giving yourself about 15 minutes to be seated (you aren't always guaranteed to be seated right at your reservation time), 1 hour to dine, and another 30 minutes to find an open area to watch the fireworks. 

If you don't mind potentially missing some of the fireworks or having a less desirable view, than you can make a reservation closer to the fireworks start time, but you'll typically need to plan to be inside the San Angel Inn for one hour. 

It's also important to remember San Angel Inn is located indoors, while La Hacienda de San Angel is located alongside the EPCOT World Showcase lagoon and select tables will have a view of the fireworks while dining.

There are no views of the fireworks at San Angel Inn. 

Is There A Dress Code At San Angel Inn?

There is no dress code at San Angel Inn outside of the normal Walt Disney World dress code. 

As long as you abide by Walt Disney World clothing policies you will not need to change before dining at San Angel Inn. 

Are Any Discounts Available?

Yes! A 10% annual passholder discount is offered at San Angel Inn.  


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