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How to Get Disneyland Pins For Free | Easily Explained

Collecting and trading Disneyland pins is one of the most popular hobbies that can be seen at the park.

There's a high chance that you've seen Disney pins on visitors, cast members, and even at stores during your visit.


In this page, we'll go over everything pin related, how to get them for free, different types of pins, how to buy them, and much more.

disney pin trading sign

    What Are Disney Pins?

    Disney pins are small pins that can be placed on clothing or lanyards and are an interactive experience for guests and cast members alike.

    disney pins lanyard

    These pins can be exchanged with other guests as well as cast members during your visit.

    Not all pins are created equal, however, as there are different types of pins and some that you can only get during special events. 

    There is a large pin collection community, and at times the rarer pins can sell for thousands of dollars.

    How Can I Get Free Disneyland Pins? 

    Trading Pins With a Cast Member

    As a guest of the park, you're able to go up to a cast member and trade one of your pins with one of theirs. Disney cast members are extremely friendly and can even give you details of each pin that they have before you make a trade with them.

    disney pin trading cast member


    There is a maximum of 2 trades a day that you can do, which keeps the trading system honest, as well as maintains the prestigious value of the pins.

    Special Events

    When it's your special event such as a birthday, anniversary, recently engaged, or married, for example, Disney will provide you a specific pin to signify and celebrate this.

    You can head directly to guest services and inform them of your event, and they'll provide you with your pin.

    birthday pin disney

    Where Can I Buy Disney Pins?

    At any Disney gift shop, there are 'Pin Booster' packs that include 6-7 pins that can be purchased at a small price.

    These are a great starter pack to get a few pins under your belt and to dip your toes into the pin collecting/trading world.

    disney pins gift shop

    You can also purchase Disney pins on Amazon.

    disney pins

    Is Pin Trading Back at Disneyland?

    Pin trading has been resumed.

    For a brief time during the COVID-19 pandemic, everything in the park had been paused, including this guest-favorite activity. Again, guests are limited to two pin trades per day.

    What's the Rarest Pin?

    Dream Jeweled Mickey is the rarest pin and the original cost of this pin was $1,295!

    It includes 130 precious jewels including black sapphire, diamond, garnet, and citrine.

    This pin is so rare that it rarely is even up for sale, so the few times that it does appear on the market, it goes quickly.

    mickey pins cast member

    How to Keep Pins From Falling Off

    One of the downsides to collecting pins is that at times they can easily fall off, and if this happens at the park, it'll be hard to find them!

    You can avoid this by buying 'Locking Backs'. For under $10, you will be able to purchase a bag of locking backs that will ensure that your pins stay in place.

    disney pin on clothes

    When Did Pin Trading Begin at Disney?

    On October 1999 at Walt Disney World, the 'Millennium Celebration' kicked off to launch the newest tradition of Disney Pin Trading.

    Pin Trading has been going strong for 20+ years now, and it also feels like a rewards program at times. For example, the old timers that have been to the parks for decades, they're rewarded and can show off their rare pins that were only available during that time.

    Additionally, it can be a great gift to pass down to family members and friends, as a piece of history as well as a sentimental gift.

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