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Disneyland Fireworks Time | 2023 Guide & Shows

Firework shows are one of the most iconic experiences at Disneyland which occur nearly every night at a very specific time.

Our Disneyland Fireworks Guide details what time the fireworks start at Disneyland as well as what firework shows you can expect to see at Disneyland and California Adventure!

Questions We'll Answer About Disneyland Fireworks:

  • What Firework Shows Are Currently At The Disneyland Resort?
  • What Time Do The Fireworks Start At Disneyland?

 Wondrous Journey Firework Show Projections

What Firework Shows Are Currently At The Disneyland Resort?

There are currently two nighttime shows at the Disneyland Resort, but only one of them is a proper fireworks show.

Currently, the only fireworks show on Disneyland property is Wondrous Journey at Disneyland theme park! 

Wondrous Journey is a celebration of The Walt Disney Company's 100th anniversary, taking you through the company's history of animated films since Walt Disney himself founded Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Small World Exterior

Disneyland actually has a variety of fireworks shows that take place on a rotating basis throughout the year.

The current roster of firework shows include:

  • Mickey's Mix Magic: The standard firework show at Disneyland that takes place throughout the year when there are no special celebrations or holiday shows taking place.
  • Halloween Screams: The Halloween-themed firework show that occurs throughout September and October.
  • Believe... In Holiday Magic: The Christmas/winter-themed holiday firework show takes place in November, December, and part of January.
  • New Year's Eve: The special New Year's Eve firework show that leads to the new year.
  • 4th of July: A patriotic firework celebration taking place on the 4th of July.

As mentioned earlier, there are two nighttime spectaculars at the Disneyland Resort, but only one has fireworks.

World of Color, the other nighttime spectacular, takes place at California Adventure and is an absolutely incredible show, but don't expect to see any fireworks.

There are a few moments featuring some very cool pyrotechnic effects but if you're looking for a proper fireworks show then you'll need to head over to Disneyland.

Disneyland Entrance

What Time Do The Fireworks Start At Disneyland?

The current fireworks show at, Wondrous Journeys, starts nearly every night at 9:30 PM.

Some of the holiday-specific firework shows at Disneyland may begin at a different time, but you can expect Wondrous Journeys to begin almost always at 9:30.

However, keep in mind this is subject to change at any time due to technical reasons, weather, special events, or unforeseen circumstance.

We recommend always checking the Disneyland event calendar on the morning of your visit for the most accurate fireworks time!



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