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Disney Approved Strollers Guide & FAQ | Know Before You Go!

With Disney getting more strict on their stroller policy at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, knowing ahead of time what types of strollers are approved on Disney property can be a huge headache saver.

This Disney Approved Stroller Guide details what types of strollers are and aren't approved on Disney property! 

Topics We'll Cover On Disney Approved Strollers:

  • Strollers Not Allowed At Disney
    • Popular Strollers Not Allowed At Disney
  • Disney Approved Strollers
    • Popular Disney Approved Strollers


Disney Stroller Rental Area

Strollers Not Allowed At Disney

There are only two major considerations to keep in mind regarding strollers not allowed at Disney: size and style.

"Wagon Strollers" and wagon-style strollers are not allowed on Disney property as of March 2019. If you own a wagon stroller (as seen in the picture below), you'll want to leave it at home. 

These rules are applicable to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. 

Disney has cracked down on wagon strollers and, except in the case of a medical exemption, these strollers are no longer allowed at Disney.

Jungle Cruise Sign


Along with wagon strollers, any stroller exceeding 31" (79 cm) x 52" (132 cm) in size will not be allowed on Disney property. 

The photo below illustrates the size outline that Disney security will place your stroller in to assess if it fits within their guidelines.

Disney Stroller Size Guidelines

No matter the shape or style of the stroller, if it exceeds this size limitation it will not be allowed at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. 

Some popular stroller types that likely will not be allowed at Disney include:

  • Jeep Wrangler Deluxe Stroller Wagon
  • Zenithen Jumbo Large Folding Portable Wagon
  • Baby Trend Expedition 2-1 Stroller Wagon
  • Radio Flyer City Luxe Stroll 'N Wagon
  • Evenflo Pivot Xplore
  • Gaggle Compass 4-Seat Quad

If your stroller falls into one of the categories not allowed at Disney, there are stroller rentals available at all Disney theme parks for you to use if you don't have time to purchase a new stroller.

Pirates of the Carribean Entrance 

Disney Approved Strollers

Outside of wagon-style strollers and strollers larger than 31" (79 cm) x 52" (132 cm), most strollers are going to be Disney approved. 

With so many of the guests attending Disney theme parks needing to bring a stroller, Disney is very open overall on what strollers you're allowed to bring outside of oversized and wagon strollers. 

Some of the most popular strollers approved by Disney include:

Looking for recommendations on what stroller to purchase for your trip to Disney? Check out our Best Strollers For Disney Guide!

 Astro Orbiters Ride at Magic Kingdom

These strollers are all great examples of popular "Disney Approved Strollers" that will be allowed into any Disney theme park (and also some of the best review strollers if you're looking for a new stroller).

This list isn't exhaustive, but an example of different types of strollers and sizes you can bring with you to Disney. 

While you should only be concerned if your stroller is "oversized" or "wagon-style" you can also check out this Disney Stroller Policy Guide for more dos and don'ts when bringing your stroller to Disney parks. 



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