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Disney Stroller Ban | Updates & Everything You Need To Know

Rumors have circulated online for years about Disney potentially banning strollers from their parks, with the latest rumor emerging on TikTok from a "Disney Insider".

This page tracks the status of stroller bans at Disneyland and Walt Disney World as well as a running list of what strollers have been banned from Disney property.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stroller Bans At Disney:

  • Did Disney Ban Strollers?
  • What Strollers Are Banned From Disney?
  • Are There Any Exceptions To The Stroller Ban?

 Disneyland Main Entrance

Did Disney Ban Strollers?

Disney has banned select types of strollers from their theme parks, but most strollers are still allowed!

In Mid-2018, Disney announced a massive change in their rules, which cracked down on the types of strollers that guests could bring onto their property.

Jungle Cruise Sign

These rule change only impacted a small amount of guests, but it was still shocking to some guests who learned they needed to be more conscience of what kind of stroller they were going to bring with them to Disney. 

As of early 2024, most strollers are still fine to bring to Walt Disney World and Disneyland though there are a few exceptions that have been banned from Disney property. 

What Strollers Are Banned From Disney?

Two very specific types of strollers are currently banned from Walt Disney World and Disneyland property.

The first being wagon and "wagon-style" strollers. Disney is very strict on not bringing these strollers onto their property and have turned guests away no matter how small of a "wagon stroller" someone may have. 

We don't recommend attempting to bring in any of wagon-style strollers onto Disney property unless you have a medical exception, which we'll explain later on.

Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Entrance

If your stroller is wagon-style or resembles this style in any way we recommend leaving it at home and instead renting a stroller from Disney (or purchasing a new one). 

Disney also has restrictions on strollers sizes allowed onto its property. 

Strollers cannot be larger than 31" (79 cm) x 52" (132 cm) - there are even stroller "sizers" at Disney that will confirm if your stroller is too large. This rule stands no matter how many children you have, so you may have to bring multiple strollers! 

Are There Any Exceptions To The Stroller Ban?

Generally, there are no exceptions to the stroller size ban or wagon stroller ban.

The only flexibility you will see from Disney on this ban is if you have a "stroller as a wheelchair" requirement in which Disney will evaluate if you can bring your stroller in on a case-by-case basis.

Typically for medical needs Disney has been flexible on this policy, but there is never any guarantee they will do so. 



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