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Are Costco Disneyland Tickets A Good Deal? | Guide + Tips

Costco has some of the best deals on just about everything you can imagine, but how do their offers on Disneyland tickets stack up to the competition?

Our Costco Disneyland Ticket Guide will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Costco's Disneyland tickets as well as assess if purchasing tickets from Costco is a good deal! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Costco Disneyland Tickets:

  • Where Can You Find Disneyland Tickets At Costco?
  • Can You Buy Costco's Disneyland Tickets Online?
  • What Deals Does Costco Offer On Disneyland Tickets?
  • Are Disneyland Tickets From Costco Transferable or Refundable?
  • Are Costco's Disneyland Tickets A Good Deal?

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Where Can You Find Disneyland Tickets At Costco?

Disneyland tickets from Costco typically need to be purchased online and are usually part of vacation package deals.

However, Costco does occasionally have standalone Disneyland tickets available at their stores.

These tickets aren’t available year-round at Costco and will most often only be available during slower travel seasons (think January - March, October - November) to help draw people to Disneyland when they otherwise may not visit.

Costco Disneyland Ticket Deals

Your best bet to finding standalone tickets to Disneyland at Costco is going to be to check during these times of the year. Currently, tickets are not available in Costco stores, but as soon as we learn otherwise we’ll be sure to update this section.

For now, the only way you’ll be able to purchase Disneyland tickets from Costco is going to be online.

Can You Buy Costco's Disneyland Tickets Online?

Yes - Disneyland tickets from Costco can be purchased online, but there is a catch.

All Disneyland tickets currently sold by Costco are part of vacation package deals.

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This means you’ll need to book your hotel stay with Costco Travel to get a deal on Disneyland tickets. 

If you’re looking to buy just tickets without any sort of hotel package then we recommend checking out other Authorized Disneyland Ticket Sellers like us here at Theme Park Center.

You might also want to consider looking at Costco's biggest competitor, Sam's Club, and consider their ticket options as well!

Otherwise, you’ll likely find a great hotel and ticket combo package at Costco!

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What Deals Does Costco Offer On Disneyland Tickets?

Costco ticket offers vary from time to time, but you’ll typically see a few recurring offers throughout the year.

The first is going to be a buy 2 days, get 1 free, or buy 2 days, get 2 free type of offer.

If you plan on visiting Disneyland for more than two days then you’ll likely find this offer a really great deal. Additional days at Disneyland can range anywhere from $50-$100, so you’ll be saving yourself a decent chunk of cash this way.

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You also might find deals that include a food and beverage credit, meaning you’ll be given a voucher that’s valid at most Disney restaurants to pay for food. We’ve seen offers here stretch to as much as $500 of free food depending on what type of tickets you purchase.

You’ll seldom find offers on single-day tickets or tickets without a park hopper option.

If you’re planning a quick one-day trip to Disneyland then it might be worth considering a longer stay to take advantage of these offers. However, if you’re set on only spending a single day at Disneyland then you’ll want to look elsewhere for ticket deals.

Park hopper is almost always required with these ticket deals as well.

We’ve seen tickets without the park hopper option go on sale in the past at Costco, but most recently you’re going to need to be okay with purchasing the (more expensive) park hopper option to get any sort of deal.

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Are Disneyland Tickets From Costco Transferable or Refundable?

Disneyland tickets from Costco are transferable!

If you purchase the tickets as a gift for someone else you can give them to someone as long as they are unused. 

Tickets must be used by the same person on every day they are valid for. This means the person who uses the ticket first is who the ticket belongs to and then becomes untransferable.

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As long as the ticket remains unused it can be given to another person as a gift or if you need to buy the ticket on their behalf.

Costco Disneyland tickets cannot be resold though. 

Disneyland tickets are also non-refundable, except in very rare circumstances. Be sure you're heading to Disneyland sometime shortly if you plan to purchase tickets from Costco as it's likely you won't be able to get a refund if your plans change. 

Are Costco's Disneyland Tickets A Good Deal?

Disneyland tickets from Costco are nearly always a great deal, but be sure you're not overspending just to qualify for a certain deal. 

Because most tickets from Costco are deals on multiple days at Disneyland, likely, you'll only get value from these tickets if you plan on staying between 3-4 days at Disneyland.

While sometimes there are offers on 1-2 day tickets, these offers are much more rare.

You should double-check how much money you're spending to get an extra day or two when you originally only planned to spend a single day to see if the offer is worth it. 

Costco usually has some of the best rates on the hotels they package with their tickets as well, but this is another thing you should double-check. There is a chance that Costco does not have the best rate, so you'll want to see if there is a better deal booking your hotel directly from the hotel operator. 

Overall, you're going to find Costco's Disneyland tickets to be a great deal as long as you aren't adding additional days or upgrades to your Disneyland visit that you didn't originally plan to spend money on!



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