Disney's Blockout Dates: Everything You Need to Know

Blockout Dates are mentioned in ticket terms of admission at almost every theme park in the world.

In this guide, we will explain what Disney Blockout dates are, how they work with each Annual Pass, and exactly how to use this information to better plan your visit.

disney annual pass tickets

What Are Disney Blockout Dates?

Disney's Blockout dates mean that you can visit the park on any date, outside of those specific (blockout) dates.

blockout dates

This applies to both daily admission tickets, as well as Annual Passes.

Blockout dates help keep the expected crowd levels under capacity through the busier seasons.

In general, the cheaper the ticket, the more blockout dates will be on it.

The Standard ticket 1-day tickets and lower tier Annual Passes will have blockout dates in their terms of service.

There is a more expensive Annual Pass that you can purchase, or upgrade to, that does not have blockout dates.

Blockout Dates in Disney Annual Passes

There are 4 types of Disney Annual Passes, however, as of the time of this writing, only the Disney Incredi-Pass has no blockout dates.

disney annual pass options

The remaining 3 passes that have blockout dates include:

  1. Sorcerer Pass (Least amount of blockout dates)
  2. Pirate Pass (The same blockout dates for all of the parks)
  3. Pixie Dust Pass (Largest amount of blockout dates)

It's also important to know that for Disney Annual passes, you must reserve the day that you will visit ahead of time.

For every date of the year, the Disney calendar will show if the date is blocked out, if no reservations are available, or if reservations are available, depending on which pass view you select to view from.

key for blockouts dates for disney annual passes
disney annual pass calendar blocked out weekends

1. Sorcerer Pass

disney sorcerer annual pass

The blockout dates for the Sorcerer Pass will vary by park, as not every park has the same available dates.

It's important to know that this pass is only offered to Florida residents.

2023 Blockout Dates at Each Park For Sorcerer Pass Holders

Magic Kingdom

  • April 11th-14th
  • November 22nd-25th
  • December 20th-31st


  • November 22nd-25th
  • December 20th-31st

Hollywood Studios

  • November 22nd-25th
  • December 20th-31st

Animal Kingdom

  • November 22nd-25th
  • December 20th-31st

2. Pirate Pass

disney pirate annual pass

The blockout dates for the Pirate Pass will be pretty much the same for all four Disney World parks.

2023 Blockout Dates at Each Park For Pirate Pass Holders

Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

  • April 10th-15th
  • May 27th-29th
  • July 1st-4th
  • September 2nd-4th
  • October 7th-9th
  • November 17th-25th
  • December 20th-31st

    3. Pixie Dust Pass

    disney pixie dust annual pass

    The blockout dates for the Pixie Dust Pass are every Saturday & Sunday of the year, with additional dates blocked out during the week around the holidays.

    2023 Blockout Dates at Each Park For Pixie Dust Pass Holders

    Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

    • April 10th-16th
    • May 6th & 7th
    • May 13th & 14th
    • May 20th & 21st
    • May 27th - 29th
    • June - Every Saturday & Sunday
    • July 1st - 4th
    • July - Every Saturday & Sunday
    • August - Every Saturday & Sunday
    • September - Every Saturday & Sunday
    • October - Every Saturday & Sunday
    • November - Every Saturday & Sunday
    • November 17th-26th
    • December 20th-31st
    • December - Every Saturday & Sunday

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