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Are Target's Disneyland Tickets A Good Deal? | Guide & Tips

One place you might be surprised to find Disneyland tickets is your local Target store!

Target is known for good prices and quality items, but purchasing Disneyland tickets from Target comes with a lot of questions to be answered.

We're here to breakdown everything you should know about purchasing Disneyland tickets from Target, including if they're a good deal!

Questions We'll Answer About Disneyland Tickets From Target:

  • Does Target Sell Tickets To Disneyland?
  • Where Can You Find Disneyland Tickets At Target?
  • Are Disneyland Tickets From Target Refundable or Transferable?
  • Can You Upgrade Disneyland Tickets Purchased At Target?
  • Can You Link Target Disneyland Tickets To The Disney Mobile App?
  • How Much Do Disneyland Tickets From Target Cost?
  • Are Disneyland Tickets From Target A Good Deal?

 Pixar Pier and Incredicoaster

Does Target Sell Tickets To Disneyland?

Yes, Target does in fact sell tickets to Disneyland and it's one of the only theme parks they currently sell tickets to!

If you're looking for Walt Disney World or even Universal Studios tickets you aren't going to find them at Target for now, but we suspect Walt Disney World tickets will soon start appearing at Target Stores. 

It's A Small World Ride Exterior at Disneyland

Where Can You Find Disneyland Tickets At Target?

You can find tickets to Disneyland in Target stores as well as online on Target's website. 

It's important to note that not every single Target store will carry Disneyland tickets, so you're best bet is going to be the Target website. 

If you live in the Southern California area you'll likely have the best odds of finding Disneyland tickets at your local Target store, while elsewhere on the country may be a bit more difficult to find. 

Disneyland Ticket Booth

If you want to go the in-store route then you'll need to check the giftcard racks to see if Disneyland tickets are carried at your store. If you don't find any Disneyland tickets where you normally would purchase gift cards, then your store likely doesn't carry them. 

The good news is that anyone can purchase Disneyland tickets on the Target website even if your local store doesn't carry them.

You can find Target's Disneyland tickets on this page

After you make your purchase, your tickets will be delivered to you within a few hours right to your email inbox! It's a quick and easy process most of the time. 

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Are Disneyland Tickets From Target Refundable or Transferable?

Disneyland tickets purchased at Target are not going to be refundable if you have a change in travel plans, find a better price on tickets, etc., so be sure you're set on visiting Disneyland and have shopped around for the best deal before buying!

For more information on getting a refund on your Disney tickets we recommend checking out this article. 

Most of the time you should not expect to get your Disneyland tickets refunded, except in very rare occasions. 

Disneyland tickets purchased from Target are transferrable as long as your tickets have not been used yet. 

Main Street Railroad Station at Disneyland

This means that if you'd like to buy tickets for a group of friends or family members you can definitely do so, and then give them their tickets after you make the purchase. It's common for one person to buy tickets on behalf of their entire family/friends to make the purchasing process easier, so don't be nervous about doing this. 

If the tickets have been scanned at the front gate of Disneyland however, you will not be able to transfer your tickets. Tickets must be used by the same person each day the ticket is valid for. 

Even if a ticket is only used by someone for a few minutes, once it's scanned into Disneyland it can't be given to someone else!

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Can You Upgrade Disneyland Tickets Purchased At Target?

Yes! Disneyland tickets purchased at Target can be upgraded to include park hopping or additional days. 

Tickets can also be upgraded to Magic Keys, as long as they are on sale. Disney has been limiting sales of Magic Keys recently, and you can only upgrade your ticket to a Magic Key if they're currently being offered to the general public as well. 

Tickets can only be upgraded up until the last day the ticket is valid for. For example, if your ticket is valid for three days, you must upgrade the ticket before the end of day three.

If you try to return to Disneyland a few days later to upgrade your ticket then you won't be allowed to do so. 

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Sign

Can You Link Target Disneyland Tickets To The Disney Mobile App?

Yes! Disneyland tickets purchased from Target can be linked to the Disneyland mobile app just like any other ticket can. 

After downloading the Disneyland or Walt Disney World apps there is a button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen that looks like three lines. After pressing that button you'll see a menu of options including "Tickets and Passes".

 Link Sam’s Club Tickets To Disney App

Once you select "Tickets and Passes", in the right hand corner you'll want to select "Link Tickets"

This option allows you to manually input the ticket number of your Target Walt Disney World/Disneyland ticket or scan a barcode to link the ticket to your Disney account and mobile app.

Link Tickets Button

After your ticket is linked to your Disney account you'll be able to use your phone for access into the parks and utilize the other Disneyland and Walt Disney World mobile app perks.   

How Much Do Disneyland Tickets From Target Cost?

Disneyland tickets purchased from Target vary in cost depending on ticket type (Park Hopper vs no  Park Hopper) and how many days you plan to visit the parks.

Typically, you can expect Target tickets to be a $5-$10 savings on the price you'd pay if you were purchasing your Disneyland tickets directly from Disney. 

If you have a Target Red Card, you'll also save an additional 5% on these tickets, making them an even better deal!

Prices on Target's Disneyland tickets can change at anytime, so we recommend heading directly to the Disneyland ticket page on Target's website to see the most up-to-date pricing. 

Are Disneyland Tickets From Target A Good Deal?

Disneyland tickets purchased from Target are certainly a good deal and rank among the best deals you'll find on Disneyland tickets. 

The ease of being able to purchase the tickets only at the Target website is also super convenient and you know you can trust a big brand name like Target.

Mark Twain Riverboat

You may be able to find better Disneyland ticket deals from Sam's Club, but you'll need a membership in order to do so. We always recommend comparing prices as much as possible before purchasing your tickets to make sure you're getting the best deal!

Regardless of getting the absolute cheapest price on Disneyland tickets, Target is almost always going to have a good deal on tickets and very popular place to purchase your tickets from. 

Between being able to easily purchase your tickets online, very good discounts on ticket prices compared to directly from Disneyland, and being a big trusted brand name, Target is an excellent place to purchase Disneyland tickets from!



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