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Are Halloween Horror Nights Tickets Transferable? | Simply Explained

When planning to purchase Halloween Horror Night tickets you might be wondering what the rules are around transferring these tickets to another person and if transferring tickets is even allowed.

In this guide, we'll detail if Halloween Horror Nights are transferable as well as some other helpful tips if you aren't going to be able to use the tickets to attend the event yourself. 

Questions We'll Answer About Halloween Horror Nights:

  • Are Halloween Horror Nights Tickets Transferable?
  • Are Halloween Horror Nights Tickets Refundable?
  • Halloween Horror Nights Tickets & Deals!

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      Are Halloween Horror Nights Tickets Transferable?

      Halloween Horror Nights tickets for Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood are transferable if they are unused and can be given out or gifted however you chose. 

      Tickets purchased from discounted locations such as Publix, online ticket sellers like Theme Park Center, and other third-party sellers are often bought in large quantities or to be used by someone other than the purchaser.

      For this reason, Halloween Horror Night tickets are transferable, but note the tickets must be unused

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      If a Halloween Horror Nights ticket has been used then it becomes non-transferable. 

      Even if you walk into the event for just a few minutes, you cannot give your ticket to anyone else after it has been scanned into the event.

      This means any sort of multiple-day admission tickets to Halloween Horror Nights such as the Frequent Fear Pass must be used by the same person for the entirety of the event. 

      This is a very strict rule for Halloween Horror Nights and tickets that have been used, but given to someone else are subject to confiscation and both individuals may be asked to leave the premises. 

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      Are Halloween Horror Nights Tickets Refundable?

      There may be a circumstance in which you arrive at Halloween Horror Nights and quickly learn the event just isn't for you, but now know your ticket isn't transferable.

      Your next best option is to get the ticket refunded which, like transferring a ticket, has many rules, but you'll likely have more luck getting the ticket refunded than giving it to someone else. 

      Halloween Horror Nights ticket refunds are done at the sole discretion of Universal Studio's employees, but there are certain circumstances in which your ticket is more likely to get refunded.

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      If you purchased a ticket for the wrong day then Universal might be understanding of your mistake and will help you get a ticket for another day. You will be expected to pay any differences in cost and if your new date is cheaper you likely won't get any money back.

      If you get to the event and are too scared then you're likely out of luck and won't be able to get a refund. 

      Other circumstances such as bad weather, attraction closures, and illnesses likely won't get you a refund either, but as mentioned earlier these refunds are done at the discretion of Universal Studio's employees on a case-by-case basis. 

      Halloween Horror Nights Tickets & Deals!

      There are a few different ways for you to save money on Halloween Horror Nights tickets that we have detailed below! 

      • Purchase Your Tickets From An Authorized Retailer:  Authorized online ticket sellers often have the best prices, but you can also find discounted tickets at other authorized retailers such as Publix and Theme Park Center! Remember to only purchase from Authorized Retailers who are official partners of Universal.