The Ultimate Frequent Fear Pass Guide | Tips & Discounts

The Frequent Fear pass is the most popular, and best, way to experience Halloween Horror Nights multiple times throughout the season.

With multiple nights of access to Halloween Horror Nights and other benefits that vary depending on event years and pass tier the Frequent Fear Pass can sometimes be a confusing purchase despite its popularity.

We're here to breakdown the Frequent Fear Pass and see if it's the right purchase for you during Halloween Horror Nights!

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What is the Frequent Fear Pass?

The Frequent Fear Pass allows you to enter Halloween Horror Nights multiple times throughout the season for one fixed price.

Universal will typically release a calendar of dates the Frequent Fear Pass is valid for use on, which in previous years includes most weekdays, a handful of weekend dates, but Halloween day is typically blocked out.

How much does Frequent Fear Pass cost?

Some years Universal will release different tiers of the Frequent Fear Pass (e.g. Frequent Fear Pass Plus) which allows for additional visits to Halloween Horror Nights or Express Pass benefits.

These benefits and pass tiers have varied from year-to-year, so it's always worth double checking what's included in your Frequent Fear Pass before purchasing!

Note: Most years the Frequent Fear Pass does not include free parking

How much does a Frequent Fear Pass cost?

Frequent Fear Passes typically cost between $160 - $200 depending on pass tier.

The Frequent Fear Pass for 2022 will cost $199 and the Ultimate Fear Pass (unlimited visits) will cost $329.

Where can I buy a Frequent Fear Pass?

The Frequent Fear Pass can be bought at the Universal Studios front gates, online at the Universal website and discounts are often available at authorized ticket resellers.

We recommend shopping around and see what deals are available before purchasing a Frequent Fear Pass. You can often find savings of $5+ by purchasing from a Universal Parks and Resorts Authorized Ticket seller.

How often can I use a Frequent Fear Pass?

Frequent Fear Passes can be used an unlimited amount of times during the Halloween Horror Nights season, but only on the dates outlined as valid when purchasing the pass.

There are no maximum amount of times you can visit Halloween Horror Nights, but you are only permitted entry on a select dates.

Note: The Frequent Fear Pass has select blockout dates, while the Unlimited Fear Pass has no blockout dates.

Frequent Fear Passes must be used by the person who purchased the pass and are not transferable. The same person who used the pass upon first entry into Halloween Horror Nights must use the pass for all following dates.

Are there any discounts on the Frequent Fear Pass?

Currently there are no discounts available on the Frequent Fear Pass.

Occasionally, Universal Parks & Resorts Authorized ticket sellers (like Theme Park Center!) will have savings of $5+ off on Frequent Fear Pass purchases.

These savings are subject to availability and can change frequently. 

Is the Frequent Fear Pass worth it?

If you plan to visit Halloween Horror Nights more than once then the Frequent Fear Pass is an outstanding deal.

After visiting Halloween Horror Nights twice you are typically at a breakeven point for you Frequent Fear Pass, so our recommendation would be to purchase the Frequent Fear Pass if you have flexibility on when you want to visit with blockout dates in mind! 

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