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Can They Touch You At Halloween Horror Nights? | What To Expect!

The possibility of someone jumping out and grabbing you during Halloween Horror Nights can be way too terrifying of an experience even for the most hardcore Halloween fans! 

In this Halloween Horror Nights Guide, we'll break down what you can expect in terms of how close employees and actors will get to you and details on if employees are even allowed to touch guests. 

Questions We'll Answer About Halloween Horror Nights:

  • Can Actors Touch You At Halloween Horror Nights?
  • How Close Will Actors Get To You At Halloween Horror Nights?

Scareactor scaring two women at Halloween Horror Nights

Can Actors Touch You At Halloween Horror Nights?

Employees and actors (or ScareActors as they're known during Halloween Horror Nights) are not allowed to touch you. 

When attending Halloween Horror Nights you should be worried about being grabbed, pushed, shaken, or any other form of touch by Halloween Horror Nights employees.

Spooky area at Halloween Horror Nights

That being said, a lot of the haunted mazes and scarezones at Halloween Horror Nights are in extremely tight and dark spaces which may cause employees to accidentally bump into you. 

You shouldn't be intentionally grabbed or touched in any of the mazes or scarezones, but there's always a possibility that some accidental contact could happen due to the small spaces you'll be in throughout the event. 

While Universal has rules in place telling employees not to touch you, you shouldn't do anything that would accidentally cause an employee to grab you. 

Friends being scared at Halloween Horror Nights

This includes jumping at scareactors at employees, running at them, or trying to scare them back. 

If you're caught trying to "bait" a Universal employee into touching you, then you might find yourself in trouble with Universal security. 

If you're looking for details on just how scary Halloween Horror Nights can be, then we recommend checking out our HHN Scariness Evaluation

How Close Will Actors Get To You At Halloween Horror Nights?

Even though scareactors can't touch you at Halloween Horror Nights, they will get very close to you at times.

Especially in the haunted mazes, you should expect to have some employees in scary makeup and gruesome masks just inches away from you. 

Clown with fireball

Halloween Horror Nights is of course intended to be a scary event, and jump scares just inches from your face are one of the ways to make HHN a terrifying event. 

There's no way to tell actors to stay away from you, so if you're nervous about having someone right up in your space then we'd recommend staying away from Halloween Horror Nights together. 



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