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Stay & Scream Halloween Horror Nights Guide | Tips & Benefits

Stay & Scream is a little-known Halloween Horror Nights perk that can save you a ton of time not waiting in line if used correctly!

Our Halloween Horror Nights Stay & Scream Guide details everything you should know about Stay & Scream including how to make the most of this special benefit.

Questions We'll Answer About Stay & Scream At Halloween Horror Nights:

  • What Is Stay & Scream At Halloween Horror Nights?
  • Is Stay & Scream Included With A Halloween Horror Nights Ticket
  • Is Stay & Scream Worth It?
  • How To Make The Most Of Stay & Scream!

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What Is Stay & Scream At Halloween Horror Nights?

When you hear "Stay & Scream" at Halloween Horror Nights, it's typically in reference to special holding areas for guests inside the park to utilize in between when Universal Studios closes and Halloween Horror Nights begins.

There's typically a 1-2 hours gap between when normal operating hours at Universal end and when Halloween Horror Nights begins which means guests without a Halloween Horror Nights ticket need to be removed from the park.

Halloween Horror Nights is not included with standard admission to Universal Studios so to be fair to all the guests who purchased a Halloween Horror Nights ticket, the park closes, guests are guided to the exits and the switch to HHN begins.

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However, if you are spending the day at Universal Studios and also have a Halloween Horror Nights ticket then you won't need to leave the park!

While you won't be able to freely roam Universal Studios while employees prepare the park for Halloween Horror Nights, you will be able to stay inside the park at one of the Stay & Scream holding areas.

Stay & Scream holding areas are located in a few different areas throughout Universal Studios and will give you the advantage of already being inside the park when the event begins - rather than waiting at the front gate.

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Stay & Scream is valuable because you'll be able to make it to some of the most popular haunted houses quicker than those waiting at Universal's front gate since you'll have a huge head start! 

You'll save even more time because your ticket will typically be scanned as you enter the Stay & Scream area instead of as you leave.

This means as soon as Halloween Horror Nights begins, you'll be able to jump right into the event, rather than waiting in line to get your ticket scanned at the front gate.

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Is Stay & Scream Included With A Halloween Horror Nights Ticket?

Stay & Scream is not included with a Halloween Horror Nights ticket.

In order to utilize the Stay & Scream holding areas, you'll need a Halloween Horror Nights ticket and a general admission ticket to Universal Studios.

You will need to already be inside of Universal Studios when the park closes to get access to Stay & Scream, so having a general admission ticket or annual pass is a must for this perk.

The good news is no special Halloween Horror Night or general admission ticket is needed!

As long as you have any combination of Halloween Horror Night and general admission ticket you will be able to use the Stay & Scream areas... no extra purchases required! 

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Is Stay & Scream Worth It?

Stay & Scream is 100% worth it if you'll be at Universal Studios and attending Halloween Horror Nights on the same day.

If you aren't planning to spend the day at Universal Studios though, and only planning to attend Halloween Horror Nights, then purchasing a general admission ticket just to use the Stay & Scream areas isn't going to worth your money.

If you're looking to save some time and don't mind spending extra money we recommend just getting a Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass which will allow you to skip the regular lines for most haunted houses and rides during the event.

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Otherwise, Stay & Scream is a great perk because of how quickly you'll be able to get to the first couple of haunted houses before guests who have to wait at Universal's front gate and lines quickly being to build.

You'll save time not needing to wait at the front gate to scan your ticket in, plus you'll be closer to a handful of haunted houses than anyone walking over from the front gate!

There are multiple Stay & Scream locations within Universal Studios, so take some time to scope them all out and determine which locations are closest to the haunted houses you want to experience first.

La Llorna Haunted House Exterior

How To Make The Most Of Stay & Scream!

Making the most of Stay & Scream is simple and comes down to one thing...

Location, location, location! 

As we mentioned earlier, scope out the different Stay & Scream holding areas and pick out what haunted houses you want to experience first with minimal wait.

From there you can determine with Stay & Scream location is closest to the haunted houses on your must-do list.

Stay & Scream is fairly simple, but can pay off massively if you do just a little bit of planning ahead of time to understand which location is best for your priorities!



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