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The Best Day to Visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Easily Explained

Dealing with long lines, giant crowds, and lots of waiting can affect your long-awaited theme park experience.

In this page, we'll go over the best time to go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and why it's the best time to go.

busch gardens williamsburg best day

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Best Time to Visit

The best days to visit Busch Gardens in Williamsburg are on weekdays, specifically Tuesday-Thursday.

The best time frame to visit is in the quieter months including January, June & September.

busch gardens coaster

Most guests plan their entire trip to the park around the weekend.

Normally on the weekends, kids are out of school, and parents are off of work.

This creates the perfect recipe for a packed park on the weekends.

By going during the weekday, there's a high chance that you'll deal with minimal crowds, less waiting time for the most popular rides, and you'll be able to experience much more in a shorter period.

Additionally, by visiting on a weekday, you won't necessarily have to follow the strict itinerary that you created beforehand.

You'll be able to be much more laid back and enjoy the park at your own pace.

Best Time of Day to Visit

The best time of the day to visit the park is definitely as soon as the park opens. Depending on what day and month you are visiting, the opening hours will vary.

busch gardens opening hours

At some points, the park opens at 11 am, and others at 5 pm, so you'll want to double-check the Busch Gardens park hours before visiting the park.

This will heighten your chances of being one of the first people at the park, and you'll be able to head directly to your must-do ride with no waits.

By getting to the park when it opens, you'll also enjoy several hours of lighter crowds before the rest of the park begins filling up.

By the time that the park fills up, you'll have had several hours under your belt, and hopefully have done the most popular experiences as well.

Keep in mind that if you're visiting on a day when they open at 5 pm or later, this won't apply.

Know About the Crowd Calendar

A crowd calendar is an extremely helpful tool that exists for major theme parks.

The way it works is they use historical data to predict the expected crowd levels for that time of the year.

It's even narrowed down by the month, week, and day.

busch gardens williamsburg crowd calendar

This calendar is color-coded, which makes it very easy for the untrained eye to quickly understand, and use.

Essentially orange means extremely packed, and green means it's empty.

Something to note is this Busch garden isn't open every day during the year, and this crowd calendar accurately reflects that.

This calendar comes in really handy as it knocks out '2 birds with one stone'. Rather than having to check the Busch Gardens calendar from the actual site, and then coming to the crowd calendar, you are conveniently able to just check one place.

Hour Change During Less Crowded Times

Due to the park not being open every day throughout the year, Busch Gardens will reduce the hours as well in the less busy months.

busch gardens eagle

Along with that, the number of staff members will be reduced temporarily until the busier months approach.

The Busch Gardens app can also provide you with crucial information such as park hours, ride closures, wait times, purchasing food with a mobile order, and a park map.

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